Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday--September 27, 2013

UMass Chancellor  Kumble Subbaswamy gets involved over the football training video.

Matty V. has the same story.

The Boston Globe has UMass Football coach under fire.

NESN has UMass Football Alumni raise concerns over "combatives" in off season workouts.

Jimmy Kelly of Hustle Belt also checks in with coverage.

All this is not good news for UMass football. One way or another, the UMass administration needs to get this squared away.


Youngstown State is finding increasing difficulty from recruiting competition from the MAC and other FBS teams.


Bowling Green, which was picked by most football preview magazines to win the MAC East, hosts Akron this Saturday.

The Falcons could be in line to make those predictions come true. BG leads the MAC in scoring defense by a wide margin.


Victor Cruz explains his passion and why success will come to the Giants.

ThePostGame goes one-on-one with Victor Cruz.


Brandon London comments on the Bear's new HC Marc Trestman.



Anonymous said...

So much more will come out once the investigation is complete. Yes, it is unfortunate that this has to happen to any program let alone one that is attempting to grow. As we all know, with growth you experience growing pains, unfortunately these issues are worse than most. A lot of people following UMass Football have refused to listen to others or accept that things are not well in Amherst. We hear Molnar constantly express his disappointment that the Alumni have not fully embraced this new era. Could it be because he has done nothing but disrespect the current players who are branded 1AA. Many players have complained about the excessive hitting during practice and Molnar has stated that he was going to increase the toughness of the team, well you can not do it in three weeks and you can not do it the day before a game, and you should never put your QB's in a position to be injured due to controlled drills of any kind. And what have we experienced ? Two QB's gone, one for concussion issues and the other tendon tears from wrestling..STUPID....This does not include the standout players from the offense and defense who chose to play elsewhere. I am curious whether or not the fist fight Solazzo had with another asst. coach during practice last season will come out during the investigation?

vetteson said...

Well, I guess we'll have to wait to see how far up the food chain the "Paris Island" affair will go. I would not be surprised if it reaches the ESPN talking heads. Hunker down. All this could have been avoided if our fearless AD had the foresight to understand the problems that have been festering over alums and a foolish video that reminds me more of first day boot training. I hate to sound like a broken record, but the AD is at fault here..and there...and everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Molnar is correct in saying Umass alumni is a complete joke. No pride in the school, no effort, few donations. People just dont care so you know what F*** em all and the alumni support groups too. Run your program make it about the kids and forget the rest of the outside influences. Bottom line is people would rather watch Florida State from the coach then go see your school just once a year. It will never change.

Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of mention on the Maroon Musket by an individual regarding the video that this is a legitimate way of toughneing up the kids. They also mention that if it were egregious, then why is it only being debated now. Well, I thought the moment I saw it last year that it was a foolish and careless handling of players. Body slamming someone onto astro turf in the winter does not toughen someone up!!! Punching a football helmut is reckless and I am surprised that we havent heard of broken wrists or fingers as an outcome. I saw a few of the players that appeared to have wrestling or judo experience throwing the lesser experienced player around. One commentor went as far as to say players get hurt more in dorms goofing around. If so, it is because they are not under the supervision of mature adults who should know the value of training. Another mentioned that the drills were related to the physical aspects of football and added hockey too. Furthering the statement he went on to state that it is a tough sport for tough people and if you are whining then your a whimp. I did not play football, but I did play hockey in school and rugby in the Corps and had to box in the Academy and also trained in Jiu Jitsu and Shotokan and do not feel with my experiences I could ever compare them with the rigors of football.
So enough about toughening up players utilizing stupidity!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see how many UMASS football alumni have donated to the football program, before Molnar came.How many purchased season tickets ever. How many attended events like clinics, golf fundraisers or post season awards banquets. My guess is that it would be very few. I would like to see the names of these people and compare it to the complainers. I bet most of the complainers never gave UMASS football support since their playing days. Sad.

Anonymous said...

This is a very unfortunate situation.
I personally believe that Coach Molnar has the welfare of his players foremost in mind. He is no Mike Leach. The wrestling match was a form of "boot camp" to bring the team together. However, the last thing this program needs now is a controversy that separates the alumni from support and attendance.

Anonymous said...

The football alumni for the most part, have never attended games-true, yet sad. I'm wondering has Brad Anderson ever done a dam thing for UMASS football since graduating? People in glass houses should not be throwing stones. These bums can't afford to donate 100 bucks a year? If they did maybe Coach Morris would have won, they never complained about him.