Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sunday--September 1, 2013

You know your expectations have changed when you're disappointed you didn't hold Wisconsin to 17 points :)

As expected, the Badgers had a lot more speed and talent than the Minutemen. On the other hand, UMass' opener was a lot better than 3 total first downs against UConn and the 42 points Michigan scored in the first half.

Positives from the game:

Stacey Bedell. He fumbled in his first series, but after that he went 19-70 with 0 carries for  loss. He ran with his head up and made yardage after contact.

The offensive line. The stunting 3-4 Wisconsin defense was a tough test for the new starters, but they looked like a coherent unit, something that rarely happened in 2012. The offensive line's performance looked like a good place to build off of.

Trey-Dudley Giles. He went 6-144 24 AVE on kick returns. Giles looked fast and had good field awareness.

Devon Brown. Led the defense with 9 TT and had an INT.

Experience. Coach Molnar started substituting in the third quarter and the UMass second teamers got about 20 minutes of valuable playing time.

The defensive backfield. The Minutemen defenders had to do a lot of run support. The coverage was pretty good. When the UMass corners got beat, they got beat physically. There was not a lot of blown coverage  They were just covering All-America receivers...


Penalties. The good start by the O-line would have been even better if it were not for a number of false starts.

Mike Wegzyn. He again threw into traffic multiple times. We can't tell if he threw to the wrong spot or the receivers ran the wrong route, but Wegzyn's throws hit the turf a number of times with no UMass player near the area. His overall throwing did not look sharp. In Mike's defense, Wisconsin could have had something to do with it.

Colter Johnson. Inexplicably, our All-MAC punter shanked a couple of punts.

The D-line. The huge Badger O-line was going to be a challenge , but the Wisconsin pulling guard collapsed the UMass defensive line all game.

Anyway, game is over and UMass will not see another team as good as the Badgers in 2013.


Dan Malone has sights and sounds of camp Randall.

He also has UMass run over by Wisconsin.

Matty V. has Wisconsin overwhelms UMass in the second half.

UMass write up on the game. Post game UMass quotes.


MAC scoreboard. The big news was Northern Illinois' victory over Iowa.


FCS gave FBS teams fits this weekend.

 North Dakota beat Kansas state.
 Liberty took Kent state to the limit.
Villanova was tied with Boston College at the half.
William & Mary was tied with West Virginia in the fourth quarter.
Eastern Washington knocked off #25 Oregon State.

I've already blogged about Towson beating UConn.


Maine beat Norfolk State 32-6.


Vanderbilt had already lost to Ole Miss.


The Giants cut Julian Talley.

Josh Samuda made the the Dolphins final 53.

AP/ Andrew Webber image
Emil Igwenagu made the Eagles ----- "Shockingly"



Anonymous said...

Some of the comments that fans have made when responding to accurate write ups following yesterday's game mystifies me. What did these fans expect? As for myself, I was hoping for a closer game and nothing more. Look at some of the other MAC scores, CM and Miami losing big. How long have they been around? Let's be realistic, we went into the game missing our top TE and running back and with players still healing from some fall practice injuries. The DLine was banged up to start and Byrne had sat out all last week after a head injury and was still not 100%. I do agree that the Line backers missed some tackles but the speed Wisconsin has would have given most MAC teams problems. As for a couple of touchdowns... Would opinions be different had A TD reception not been made after our defender got his feet crossed up and another because the official fell down when it appeared the runner stepped on the line? Would a score of 31-0 or 31-3 make them feel better? Maybe. As for UMaine beating us.....that is just knee jerk comments out of frustration for too high of expectations yesterday...Stay positive. as for myself, I believe we will win at least three to four this season...

Mr. Ferraro said...

Besides the obvious remarks regarding the game. The one that really irked me was when Molnar iced his own kicker. I felt they were "managing" the game and instead of it being 10-3 with a few minutes left in the half, it is all of a sudden 17-0 off of that 70 yard TD run that really seemed to take the wind out of their sails. I don't really understand the time out, only to send the kicker back out. If he decided to just go for it, then I understand.

UMass74 said...

Molnar explains about the field goal thing in Post game comments

Anonymous said...

Charley acts like a know it all, throws his players under the bus and never blames the coaching staff for anything. Not a good sign seeing the same mistakes we saw last year, including coaches on the sidelines looking like deer in the headlights, then laughing mistakes off. D-Day this coming saturday, win or else.

Anonymous said...

Defintely time for AJ Doyle to play with 1st team. Wegzyn is sloow, and gets worse as each game goes on. Zero points, no passes that went for 20+ Also, can we keep his "allies" from knocking all of his receivers, it doesn't help with team bonding.