Thursday, September 26, 2013

Recruiting 2013 and 2014 Holines and Sylva

UMass has added Sha-ki Holines, a 6-4 240 pound DE has transferred from UConn to the Minutemen.

The Torrington Register-Citizen also has an article on Holines transferring to UMass.

I've blogged on Holines three times before.

Article about Holines' original signing with UConn.


In addition, Jason Sylva, a 6-3 250 pound LB from Dean College (JUCO) will join the 2014 UMass recruiting class.

Sylva is a three-star recruit.

Sylva's Dean College stats.

I've blogged about Sylva before.



vetteson said...

There seems to be an obvious disconnect between the football alumni and the current system. This is where the AD must get involved. One of his jobs is to maintain a sense of continuity between the past and the present and take action to eliminate the discontent that is apparent among many alums. The current program needs all the support it can get and increased divisiveness only hurts the effort.

Anonymous said...

check out the NH Gazzette today. Thats it for Molnar he should be arrested.

Anonymous said...

I posted last week that Coach Morris team would beat this team I also said that many FCS teams can beat this team, I stick by that! UNH will destroy this team! I wasn't trying to slight any of the players on our team so if it came off that way I apolizie, I was speaking more of the poor coaching at EVERY position and the fact all of the coaches continue to hide behind the statement " of we still to play with 1AA players. all I was saying is those players have feeling too! I also said that Maine have ALL 1AA players and beat the snot out of us on our home turf. Position by position Coach Morris last team was by far more talented than this team and 100% better coached. Looking at that video of the boxing and fighting said enough ! the entire staff need to go, Alabama is king of the mountain, they don't do that crap! Coach Molnar was a bad hire and everyone know that now, stop saying what the program is going to be like 5 years from now, we shouldn't have to wait 5 years for fair treatment of our players!

Anonymous said...

Saw the video. What are we doing? Wrestling and boxing in the snow, is this high school football? What an embarrassing video for the university. Is this what they do? How about coaching schemes and techninique. It's not mma. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting video. What is Molnar thinking? Petition for better treatment of players. That's it he needs to go tomorrow. He's lost the team and when you do that nobody even the best coaches can get the team back. Poor hire by umass.

Anonymous said...

As a former player I could not be more concerned with the state of our program. However it’s not really because of the video. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think there were any skills or benefit to that type of training session from a football stand point. I think we all realize that having several hundred pound guys slamming each other on snow covered turf is definitely an accident waiting to happen. What concerns me most is that this incident appears to be drawing more attention positive or negative from the football alumni than any I have seen in the 22 years since I hung up the cleats at McGuirk. I understand that some of the current players may have concerns. For any of us that went through a head coaching change it was expected that he was going to put his stamp on the program doing it “His Way”. Ultimately, leaving some bitter and others realizing the lack of fit called for a change if they wanted an opportunity to play. My concern is that this public effort to unite alumni in a negative lite by those who have in most cases left the program. Certainly at a time when the program can least afford any additional division, especially from its “true family members”. I am not implying that things should be brushed under the carpet.
My era as recruit, player and now fan began in 1986. Living out of state I tried to attend a couple games each year. When the Friends of Football was formed the annual golf event was inked on my calendar. For me it was a way to give back, stay engaged and for the first time last year attend with my oldest son so he could better understand the pride I carry as Umass football alumni 22 years later. Between 1986 and 2010 there were 8 conference championship teams. Eight. However, I can tell you that you could not field a starting offense and defense with the golf outing attendees from those classes over the last seven years of the event. It is hard for me to understand why the program’s success and tradition has not generated greater alumni engagement after graduation. No matter the coach, Reid, Hodges, Whipple, Brown, Morris the lack of formal engagement with the program is consistent. I know each of us still bleed Maroon & White!

Anonymous said...

My response is not about endorsing Charley Molnar or this petition. My only interaction with him was brief at the 2012 Friends of Football golf outing. I definitely see how his directness and delivery could offend many. For some, maybe it was what they felt was a personal slighting during discussions with him. As a Sunday morning quarterback I believe this coaching staff has missed opportunities on the field and there does need to be more accountability that stops with him. Sure the talent differential is clear, but this is not Texas where alumni are buying out his contract anytime soon so little is served in reminding the media or his current players that they would not have been his first choice in taking on a full FBS schedule. Let’s not forget this is his first time running a team as a head coach. Time will tell if Charley Molnar to is coachable. He is a strong communicator but his delivery can easily be misconstrued by those closest to the program. John McCutchen is still his boss and needs to be less impressed with where he has been and provide the constructive criticism and coaching to minimize the alienation it appears to have caused.
Umass was arguably the top FCS job in the Northeas. But let’s face it; top head coaches are not lining up to take any Northeast FBS jobs let alone a transitioning FBS program. Look no further than the established programs and facilities at Boston College, Uconn and Syracuse and the trouble they had retaining head coaches after some of their best seasons. All left for mid-tier warmer weather programs where the fans support & donation dollars were less wavering. I think he has brought energy and salesmanship on his desires for the programs future. Has he been a bit overzealous? Clearly. But look what he is selling against at this moment? I know he and his staffs coaching abilities are to be determined but I can tell you I guarantee that he did not expect to be playing in one of the NFL top stadiums in the back yard of the state’s flag ship universities alumni base in front of 13,000 fans.

Let me say that I do not believe a coach has the ability to destroy what we all played a part in building at Umass. Will there be set backs with the wrong coach, absolutely. However if we the alumni spear head initiatives to weaken the foundations of a program that like all questioned transitional programs is at it’s most exposed we will break the foundation. I often remind myself when reading some tough box scores on Sundays that I play a part in making sure that the most important developmental years of my life will not go the way of Boston University or Hofstra football.
All In, All The Time. Go Umass!
Rich Kane ‘91’

Anonymous said...

My son is a player on this team,i just saw the video and I saw him get slammed, I have a ton of emotions about it! We sent him there to get an education and to play football.