Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday--September 15, 2013

Joey Colton/ Image by AP Orlin Wagner
Well, UMass sounded like a team yesterday. The first time Mrs. Blog and I visited Kansas State, the Minutemen were led by Mark Whipple. Jeremy Cain, Jeff Krohn and Anton McKenzie were Captains.

UMass ended the day with 10 first downs (three of them in garbage time with a couple of minutes to play) and 27 total yards rushing.

Yesterday, the undermaned UMass offense had 17 first downs, 123 yards rushing and 309 total yards. Stacey Bedell, T.J. Sharpe had good games. A.J. Doyle moved the team. Ed Saint-Vil and Joey Colton combined for 21 tackles.

Unlike the Maine game, were UMass looked like it had nothin', UMass sounded like a FBS team. It's something to build off of. The Minutemen made some mistakes, but the game was nothing to be ashamed of. One more BCS team to go and then we're into MAC play. UMass players and fans need to keep the faith. We'll get there.


Dan Malone has the sights and sounds of Family Stadium.

He also says after a strong start, UMass was overpowered.

Matty V. has a story about the game and some upbeat comments from the players.


All the MAC scores and game details from the league site.

The big news from the league was Akron's near upset of Michigan.

Buffalo needed five overtimes to slip past Stony Brook.


Hey, we did better than Boston College did!

UConn lost again.

Maine is still unbeaten.

Wisconsin lost on a bizarre play.

Vanderbilt made a comeback against South Carolina, but still lost the game.


Nothing gets done without determination and courage. Read this amazing story from 9/11 about F-16 pilot Heather Penney.



izy1 said...

didn't see the game but write ups in Boston Globe and are pretty good and give some positive outlook to UMASS. from what I read into it, UMASS is getting a spark of fight.
They WILL get better. Once they get done with the big boys, they can start getting some wins (or at least less bloody L's) C'mon UMASS you can do it.

Anonymous said...

"It was a different story on defense, though, as the Minutemen (0-3) missed numerous tackles on the way to giving up over 300 yards rushing. Recognizing the soft cushion the UMass front seven was giving up, the Wildcats (2-1) attempted just 12 passes and continually gashed the defense with quarterback draws."
Can anyone explain why the defense is still leaving their best players on the sidelines during the majority of the games? I noticed Byrne did not start again and like the Maine and Wisconsin games played very little but is only one tackle less than the leading DLine tackler. IS Clemons hurt? What happened to Anderson? Listened to the entire game on streaming and checked UMass website and found no news of these players. If we are getting worn down then why are we limiting playing time of our best and most experienced?

Anonymous said...

CAA vs FBS so far this season... Looks like UMass would be having lots of trouble in the CAA!!

Towson 33 Connecticut 18
Villanova 14 BC 24
William & Mary 17 West Virginia 24Maine 24 UMass 14
James Madison 33 Akron 35
Richmond 21 NCarolina State 23Delaware 7 Navy 51
Stony Brook 23 Buffalo 26

UMass74 said...

The radio team said Clemons was hurt and would not play.

I did not take notes, but from memory they said Blanchflower, Broadnax, Nesmith, Clemons and Casali would not play.

They mentioned someone else was also out (Anderson?)

izy1 said...

worn down? the season is just starting-if that's the case then they better go play checkers
I think they have not even started their stride yet and some killer games are yet to come like in days gone by....

Anonymous said...

Our run defense couldn't be much worse. What do we do in practice all week?

Anonymous said...

Molnar loves these games he's not supposed to win so he always has the excuse lined up in his back pocket. What a terrible hire by an incompetent AD.

Anonymous said...

Molnar looked very uncomfortable during the post game interview when he was asked why he chose not to go for the first down on a 4th and two situation. He began rocking back and forth and rubbing his hands. A sure sign of someone not confident in his decisions and concerned about what others may conclude from it. As for the 3/4 defense, did they not prepare for a 4/3 and requested players to train in the off season with a 4/3 in mind. Molnar has repeatedly stated that he has FCS players competing in a FBS league. I suspect Molnar wants to give his recruited LB positions more experience and is willing to write off the season in order to do so. Complaints of very little defensive schemes can be heard echoing from the practice fields. Not allowing the players to adjust during a play is unsatisfactory, especially when you see a defensive player anchored in a assignment while watching the play run right by. I am not saying individualism wins games, it doesn't but let these players make plays and then we will see improvement.

TopUMassFan said...

Is this how it is going to be every Sunday/Monday? Bashing Molnar, staff,AD, team. We knew this was going to happen; that we were going to take our share of bumps and bruises. So, ok, maybe it has been worse than we thought it would be, maybe it has gone on longer without a home win than we thought it should. I listened to the game and was frustrated as all hell because we couldn't get first downs or scores when we should have. Maybe we are a bad team.

How do you think the players feel?

I'm guessing the players read this blog and the newspapers. We need to support the players, post comments that are positive, no matter how small and slow the progress is.

Imagine how sweet that first home victory is going to taste!

This is our team and for the time being, Coach Molnar is our Coach. Let's support both!

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is Umass "all in" or just going to stay with Molnar another two years and let the program spiral out of control maybe save some cheap buyout money. We are not competing at all which is a pure sign he has lost the team. were not even close in these games and Maine enough said.

UMass74 said...

Amen to Top UMass Fan!