Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday-- September 10, 2013

UMass Colonial Color Guard
Dan Malone has three helmet stickers for the Maine game.

Actually as Dan says, the three performances were not that great, but they offer something to build off of. Sharpe was running for a TD and then mysteriously stopped running. He also ran a couple of routes where he didn't know where the first down marker was. He had a decent game, but he could have been a game changer for UMass. I think he's capable of that and will do better in the future.

UMass opens as the 38.5 underdog against K-State. UMass hasn't covered the spread so far this year.

Dan also has a story about the renewed quarterback competition. He also reports (quoting Bob McGovern) that Jordan Broadnax is out for the year. Ricardo Miller, who missed the Maine game (and would have helped) is back practicing. Rob Blanchflower and Shakur Nesmith did not practice.

Blanchflower, Nesmith and Miller give the Minutemen a lot more offensive firepower. It doesn't matter against Kansas State and Vandy, but those three players will make a difference when UMass gets to MAC games.

He also has a Q & A session with Mike Wegzyn.


Matty V. also has an article on UMass' struggle to find an effective quarterback.


Under the "Did Hell freeze over ?" category  the Boston Globe has a fairly positive editorial on UMass football. A successful UMass football program would make a positive impact on the economics of Massachusetts. In most states, college football is big business. It provides jobs and economic "buzz". That's why the Media in most states support the state university's college football programs. UMass being successful would even help the Globe sell more newspapers. Given the Globe's dismal finances, you'd think they would realize that.

It would also help Boston College. The Eagles only sell out when they play Notre Dame. Despite Eagle fans having a high opinion of themselves, Boston College has no national recognition. Back when BU dropped football there were dozens of comments on college football message boards saying Boston College dropped their program. A heated UMass, UConn and BC football rivalry would boost all of New England.


Wildcats coach Bill Snyder handled his loss to FCS North Dakota State with class.

K-State bounced back from their opening loss with a good game against Sunbelt Conference member Louisiana.


Western Michigan is dealing with the fallout from their FCS loss Nichols.

Hustle Belt blogger wonders if the Broncos go 0-12 for the season.


Hustle Belt has a Week #3 conference overview.


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