Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday--Bye Week #1

Collegian/Stephen Hewitt image
Mark Chiarelli of the Hampshire Gazette says A.J. Doyle and the offense seeks consistency.

The UMass Daily Collegian has A.J. Doyle is living the dream as quarterback.

The Minutemen's offense gets another stiff test next week in Bowling Green. After facing three BCS defenses in four weeks, UMass gets another team with a BCS-class defense. As I said in yesterday's blog post the Falcons lead the MAC in scoring defense and total defense. They're no slouch in offense either, being third in scoring and second in total offense. If the rejuvenated UMass defense could get some turnovers and give the offense some short fields, then maybe we could get some momentum going. I don't remember any short fields so far in 2013. Next week would be an excellent time to start.


Seven televised MAC games this week.

Toledo has a showdown with Ball State.

Purdue braces for NIU.

Don't forget UConn @ Buffalo.  The UConn Blog looks at the Bulls.

MAC Blogger round table.

The MAC Report Online has "Inside MAC Football Week #5"


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