Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tuesday--September 3, 2013

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Dan Malone has a story that features UMass true freshman Steve Casali. The story also says the Minutemen got out of Camp Randall with only one significant injury: Shakur Nesmith. The UMass freshmen and subs were able to get a number of series in the fourth quarter. That'll pay benefits in the future. The Minutemen look to have more depth this year.

Coach Molnar's quotes from the MAC's weekly teleconference.

Dan also has an article on Gary Anderson's post game comments on the play of Mike Wegzyn.


Matty V. has Coach Molnar is upbeat after Wisconsin. Molnar praised OL Matt Sparks for play against Badger NT Beau Allen. Sparks, who is 6-4 290 gave away a lot of size to Allen, who is 6-3 325.


WCSH has some video of the Black Bears win over Norfolk State.


Keepers College football rankings has UMass at #123 after the first week of 2013.


The MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" has a couple of articles:

UMass faces another kind of test against Maine.

MAC Week #1 scores and standings.

UMass got out of Wisconsin relatively injury free, but Central Michigan had two significant injuries. Zurlon Tipton (a great football name) was the difference last year in the Chippewas' victory over the Minutemen. Tipton went 25-186 7.4 AVE against UMass in that game.

The MAC announce the league's players-of-the-week.

The MAC Report Online has Power Ratings for the week.

Buffalo LB Khilil Mack is regarded as the MAC's best NFL draft pick and he showed it against Ohio State.


The Republic has a story of Michael Cox making the Giants.

Fan Sided says the Giants could use Cox on kick returns.

Tom Coughlin says Cox's play on special teams is what got him into the NFL.


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The Ravens named James Ihedigbo their starting Strong Safety.


Seven former Minutemen made NFL rosters. Two more are on IR.



MinuteFan said...

This is a big game on Saturday to mark how much progress we are making. Two years ago before we made the move up we were about equal to and actually not quite as good a team as Maine.

Its understandable and expected that we are still nowhere near being able to compete with a team like Wisconsin. But I think it is certainly reasonable to expect that after two years of increased scholarships, etc. that we can beat a middle of the pack CAA team like Maine. I think it will be a closer game than people might think, but any win is a good one for UMass. It would be difficult to lose this one and still convince people that we are heading in the right direction.

Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice Coach Elmassian?(sic?) He appeared tired and out of sink when the camera was on him. I also don't understand the defensive scheme. Very little blitzing and movement on the line to confuse offense. The line can hang for a half but with all this smash type defense it is no wonder they are gassed by the second half. Let's hope to see a bit more creativity from a veteran coaching staff in the future.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the defense did very little rushing the passing or blitzing for that matter. Let me say this. I was reading comments by poster SGJMoney blasting a kid named seals for not containing the edge.

I recorded the game as well and saw quite the difference. I saw the LB crashing the gap, which I'm sure he did as his assignment dictated. A 3-4 defense at times calls for the OLB to crash down hard on the inside of the O-line. The CB is now responsible for contain or the ILB will move laterally to fill the area of the crashing OLB. For the most part, I think Seals did a pretty good job, he crashed the line on two maybe three occasions and unfortunately whoever had contain at that time either forgot or reacted to slow.

I truly believe the poster loves this game and this team and has a wealth of football knowledge, however, it sounds if he would rather have players from the local area. He did reference Dorchester versus South Carolina! Let these kids live out their dreams.

Lastly, Seals was responsible for the forced fumble keeping the score at 45-0 not 55-0.

UMass74 said...

It's every American male's Constitutional right to think he can call football games :)

If it was me, I'd wouldn't show anything but a base defense against the BCS teams. It's not going to make any difference anyway. I'd wait for MAC games to really show what we've got.

No one said anything about Trey Seals here. He's a good player. The UMass defense battled the whole game. The Minutemen DL was out-sized, (by a lot) and out gunned. That's no disgrace against a team like Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you UMass74, it's always a pleasure reading the opinions on this blog. Please accept my apoligizes for using your blog as a vehicle to respond to a user on Maroon Musket.

Anonymous said...

This is the end of Molnar at Umass if Maine comes in and beats them. The defensive schemes are just not going to work and the offense is without an identity after 2 years of this guy.

Anonymous said...

Coach Morris regime has killed UMASS. This Maine game is an important report card for the coaches. Maine gave UMASS a beatdown 2 years ago. Cosgrove is a good coach and has been around. Charley needs to gameplan successfully.

Anonymous said...

Listen I was at the Wisconsin game-Drove 2300 miles out and back
It was ugly!-Wegzyn completely out of sinc and agree will the 2nd comment-are we gonna hit a QB /knock him down a few times?? Could not believe we did not touch that guy!
The last 3 Umass games me and my buddies have attended are Uconn, Bowling Green and now the Wisconsin game and we HAVE NOT SCORED A POINT!!

Anonymous said...

The last commenter was dead on. you need to constantly recruit year in and year out or this is the result you get. The Morris coaching staff did not do any recruiting whatsoever. The lived off the great recruiting of Don Brown until the wheels fell off. Morris did a bad job of hiring a staff and was lazy in the aspects of recruiting. That said the alumni actually liked Morris, they do not like Charley Molnar.

Easternguy said...

Beat down? Umass was winning in the fourth quarter with. 4th string qb. Wegzyn wouldn't burn his redshirt. Selfish. 4th string qb that threw for over 200 yds. Get your facts right. Making crap up. Maine will beat Umass. Charley, stop blaming Morris regime for your problems. Players say you are on this website all the time. Joke.

Anonymous said...

IF Coach Molnar is monitoring this web site then he should be learning a bit from us amateurs..LOL
However many are on point with the observations. Defense is anemic when it comes to schemes. The drive and desire of the DLine is evident but until the coaching staff shows the same drive and desire with different schemes during game time the results will not change. Aiming your car head on into a stone wall gets you one obvious result..A wreck. Thinking the solution is to get a bigger car and trying it again and again will produce a different result..A bigger wreck..
Coach Elmassian needs to bring to this next game a renewed energy and increased faith in his defense.
Word of advise Coach E. Pay attention when the defense is on the field!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was there- UMASS got a serious beatdown in the fourth quarter. Unless you think games are only 3 quarters,then they did take a beatdown. That was then, this is now-saturday September 7, 2013-UMASS 27 Maine 20. Get your friends to the game, because if we get less than 15k we lose either way.