Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday--September 26, 2013

The UMass Football Alumni Group has a petition for Coach Molnar to change his methods.  I was never a fan of making players pound on each other in practice. If you're playing organized football, you're tough by definition. High contact drills just lead to injuries.


Dan Malone has a recruiting post and an injury report. I'll deal with the recruiting in a separate blog post.

Stacey Bedell, Lorenzo Woodley and Trey Seals will be back for the Bowling Green game. Shakur Nesmith is listed as probable. 

LB Steve Casali is listed as questionable and Joey Colton will miss at least a few weeks with a slight tear in his MCL.

Bedell, Woodley and Nesmith represent a substantial portion of the Minutemen's offensive firepower. Having them back should keep opposing defenses from concentrating on Tajae Sharpe and Rob Blanchflower.


The Muncie Star-Press has a MAC Football notebook.

The Daily Chronicle has MAC teleconference notes.


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Anonymous said...

Let the flood gates open. How many times in the past have concerns been posted on this blog about the concerns that have now been raised by the Alumni? And how many times have responders on this blog and Umass74 quickly discarded these concerns? Thank you Alumni for exposing what players, parents and friends of UMass football have been saying all along. Where is Pagel? Yes, that's right he left due to concussion issues, that were caused by him participating in Oklahoma Drills. I recall the team doing Oklahoma drills during warm up at UConn and seeing the UConn players watching in amusement. The team beat its self up last year before it ever took the playing field. And yes, we lost qualities players who said enough is enough and left the program. As for a divisive atmosphere, Molnar created that the moment he walked in and told the original players that they were only 1AA players and they were to stay away from his prize 1A recruits. And how many times during his tenure have we heard him use this excuse during post game interviews? I don not believe I heard Coach Cosgrove of UMaine state in his post game interview that he beat UMass with only 1AA players. The AD can spin this all he wants but if he chooses to jump onto a sinking ship to save the coach when the coach is the one drilling holes into it, then well, he is going to sink too.

BM said...

Oh boy, cannot wait to see the comments stack up after Matt V's petition column.

My take is this, if you want to do tug of war and strength competitions that's one thing. I was part of the program when Morris was there and that's what he did. He called it 'SuperTeams' and we competed for points. Everyone bought into it and had fun. NO ONE got hurt doing it.

But as soon as you position 2 players to square off against one another, whether it's boxing or wrestling, what does that accomplish? It may have been within NCAA rules, but it is downright dangerous and can easily build animosity between teammates.

The whole Alumni outreach thing is a joke too, CYA at it's finest with Molnar there.

Anonymous said...

The Umass football alumni have been virtually MIA around the program for decades, no pride comraderie or involvement. Now a few weasels hide and chirp to a poor reporter who gave them the forum as anonymous cowards. Molnar may or may not be the right coach, but these cry babies should be named. Who are they, list the names on the petition please.