Monday, September 09, 2013

Monday--September 9, 2013

Google Blogger seems off kilter today. I checked the html code and everthing looks correct, so I think the trouble is on Blogger's side.

Ok, we got beat. Let's pick it up and support the team. Our next OOC opponent Big 12 Champion Kansas State lost to a FCS team earlier this year. They're moving on. So should we.


The UMass Marching Band sounded great Saturday. They put on a great show.


UMass re-opens the quarterback competition.

The Offensive line is a bright spot for UMass.

UMass defense not getting enough pressure on opposing QB's.


The MAC had a tough Saturday. Western Michigan, an established FBS team lost to Nichols State that was picked last in its conference.

Hustle Belt looks at the Broncos loss.

Baylor hangs 70 on Buffalo.

Akron beat JMU in a barnburner.

CMU kicked a field goal with three seconds left to beat New Hampshire.


Victor Cruz had a great night against the Cowboys. He went 5-188-3 TD's. Watch video of Victor's catches here.

Michael Cox played on special teams and had one kickoff return for 29 yards. Congats to Michael on his NFL debut.



vetteson said...

Well, a few days to simmer down. Everyone's comment on point, coaches either can't see any absence of progress or are in denial. But cat's out of the bag, no more illusions and fantasy. Promote Dave Johnson to acting head coach (only one who seems to understand football even though the line needs to improve run bloacking) and hope he gives Todd Stafford a try. His dad was a player at Dartmouth, so hopefully apple remained under tree.

What team really needs, beyond adequate coaching, is a player that can spark the team. Everyone looked like zombies on Saturday. The whole game could be placed in a capsule; the qb's lazy, telegraphed pass to the back who was promptly smacked into Sunday by I player while the blocker was apparently day dreaming.

TopUMassFan said...

Hi Frank,

Ok, I've had a chance to vent and I have read some of Coach's comments (not as bad as I thought. I saw Herald story). Let's look at the situation...

Coaching: The coaching has to be better and that starts with Charlie. He is in charge and "the buck" stops on his desk. We need to get the plays in quicker and the QB's need to know them, EXTREMELY WELL! Simplify the plays if necessary. It starts with coaching. GET IT DONE, CHARLIE!

Players: Players need to make plays. Receivers need to catch balls, running backs need to run with a purpose, QB's need to made reads and throw well. You get the picture. And when you are on the sidelines, TALK TO EACHOTHER! I saw so many players judge sitting on Saturday. Captains, talk to your guys, pick eachother up, DO WHAT IT TAKES!

Fans: We need to show up and be supportive. Let's make some noise like we used to at McQuirk. If we stop showing up, we will lose our team. For sure. We need to be there, win or lose. We knew there were going to be "growing pains". Maybe we didn't think there would be this many and that they would hurt this bad. WE NEED TO WEATHER THIS STORM! We're not going to quit before we even get started are we? No. To quote a great American, Senator Blutarski, "Nothing is over until we say it is" and we haven't said it yet. Instead of getting down on this team, let's get behind them!

It is always darkest before the dawn and victory tastes sweeter when it has been awhile coming. Let's hang in there at least for the year and see what happens!

I'm all in, again! I hope you are as well. Go UMass!

Noel E. said...

I was looking for the silver lining in Saturday's debacle and don't know if I found it. Neverthelessd, it's a source of hope and imnspiration that all is not lost.
A few years ago while Rutgers was in the process of moving from 1-AA to 1, New Hampshire pounded them at home. The rest of the story has been written bt Rutgers' fairy godmother.
Let's hope we fare as well!

Noel E. said...

I've been looking for a silver lining in Saturday's debacle and may have found it. A few years ago while Rutgers was moving from 1-AA t 1, New Hampshire pounded them at home. The bottom seemed to have fallen out and calls for everything from abandoning the program to moving to club football were in every local newspaper. Changes werer made and the rest of Rutgers' story was scripted by its fairy godmother.
The same can happen to Umass!

Anonymous said...

bAlthough it was ugly we need to support this team no matter what, we certainly don't want the BC maggots and the Boston Globe to win the day! If things stay status quo then we can start talking about making a coaching change. For now we have to get as many asses into chairs at Gillette and make some noise. Go UMass!!!

Anonymous said...

Although it was ugly we have to support this team no matter what. If the status quo continues we certainly have to consider a coaching change, but that's a conversation to have in mid-November, remember Molnar is one huge win away from everyone jumping back on the wagon. As bad as the Maine loss was other 1-AA schools did damage to far more established programs than us, i.e. Oregon State, Kansas State, etc. The best thing we can do is get as many butts in the seats as possible and support our University. Lets not let the BC maggots and the Boston Globe win the day. See you at the Vanderbilt game, Go UMass!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Noel
Hope that info will help me sleep tonight
Coworker who went to Umaine -Machais gave me the business first thing this AM/but he's also a Giants fan so I gave it right back

Anonymous said...

Well Charley put this on himself. He's been over the top arrogant about this program and where it can go. He needs to figure it out because nobody is going to be there for him when it falls apart. Morris was a clown but he was a professional. The after game conference was excuse after excuse and him saying the gap isn't that big between the two schools was bullcrap. If umass and Maine offered the same kid 99% of the time they go to Umass. The gap should be very big.

UMass74 said...

The loss to Maine was really disappointing, but a good number of FBS teams lost to FCS teams this year including Kansas State and UConn. It's not the end of the world.
It does give aid the the UMass- haters of the world, but nothing good is accomplished without struggle. We've still only been in FBS for 14 games. It will be until 2015 before we get full scholarships and a level playing field. I know it hurts to lose. Saturday night I was still up at 3:00 am because I was too wound up to sleep...