Saturday, September 07, 2013

Game Day --Maine

Mrs Blog and I are excited about our first home game of 2013. Can't wait to see this year's edition of the wonderful UMass Marching Band. Hope to see all UMass fans at the tailgate and game.

Go UMass!!


From the Athletic Office:

Kickoff: 2 p.m.
 Parking lots open for tailgating: 11 a.m.
 The Minuteman Club opens at noon.
 Go here for broadcast media information and essential game notes.
For complete game notes, click here.
 Information on Gillette Stadium, tailgating and activities is available here.
 New this year:
  • Ubiquitous WiFi: Gillette Stadium now features WiFi throughout the facility. Bring your devices and follow stats, follow UMass Football social media throughout the game, and share your thoughts, images and video.
  • Tailgate Tent: The UMass Amherst Alumni Association has moved its official tailgate out to the traditional environment of the parking lot.
  • Patriots Alumni: Each game this season will bring a New England Patriots alumnus to the Minuteman Club to sign autographs and talk football with UMass fans. This week, meet Patriots Hall of Fame member Steve Nelson

UMass is looking for it's first win in a pressure packed home opener.

Dan Malone has where to hear and view the game.

Coach Molnar says the matchup is good for New England football.

Malone has game day notes for Maine.


The Hampshire Gazette has UMass seeks first win of the season.


The Boston Herald says UMass is not looking past old pal Maine.


MAboot says UMass will beat the spread against the Black Bears.


The Press Herald says Maine faces an oversized challenge against the Minutemen.


The Daily Collegian says UMass seeks more improvement.


Eleven MAC games will be televised this weekend.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer says beware of upsets.

The MAC game-of-the-week is Bowling Green Vs Kent State.

Hustle Belt has overviews of all the MAC games this week.



Anonymous said...

I anticipate that the DLine to going to show Maine what an avalanche can feel like. "Do unto others, as they have done to you" Should be the motto of this game.
Go UMass. Lets show that we have made strides and are moving forward. The first half of the Wisconsin game proved we can and will.

Anonymous said...

The coaching staff of UMASS needs to be replaced. If they do not adjust after the half, they will lose.

Bench Wegzyn for the rest of the season.

vetteson said...

End of third quarter......


Everbody; players, coaches and AD.

izy1 said...

what D-Line are you talking about?
what I saw of that game, they couldn't stop a girl scout troop.
the only stride they have is on the way to the parking lot.
A pathetic showing Molnar, again

Anonymous said...

Looks like the avalanche just fell right on top of umass football. We have officially made no progress in two years of Charley Molnar. This umass team would go .500 in the current CAA which is exactly where they were when Kevin Morris was fired.Once again umass athletic department took the cheese and fell for a used car salesman who was FIRED by ND. Do I blame Molnar yes somewhat but the real culprit is John MccCutchen. Time for him to exit stage left, he's destroyed Umass football with his last two hires.

Anonymous said...

Easily one of the darkest days in umass history today. We gave up 500 yards to Maine and got dominated the entire game. No progress has been made. None.

Anonymous said...

This team isn't close to the same team Coach Brown left the program on his way to Maryland. We're not even close to being respectful. How does our recruiting not get better with a jump to 1A? Currently were not better then Maine clearly, UNH, Towson, Richmond, Stonybrook, Villanova and maybe Delaware. Need a change this isn't working.

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone heard the postgame press conference. Charley blaming the players that's his MO. Guys stepping the wrong way on pass protection, running the wrong route. What a coward take blame your the head coach. Nobody wants to hear your excuses just fix it.

Anonymous said...

Why is Charley Molnar commenting on the point spread after the game? Be a professional.

Anonymous said...

I think it's crap by the umass fan base that we accepted a 45-0 destruction to a marginal wisky team. Wasn't that long ago we competed like animals in the big house and almost beat Michigan. we're heading backwards time to pull the plug on Molnar before this thing spins out of control and we are forced to drop football by the state. Sometime it's best to throw in a losing hand before you lose your house.

Anonymous said...

15 straight run plays late in the game? Molnar is then going to say the defense is schemed well to stop the run? He's incapable of coaching then.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they are lining up a new hire as we speak. They better also get ready to open up the check book as well. If not this will completely fall apart and we will have BC and Boston Globe egg on our face forever!!!

izy1 said...

we all made comments about Coach Morris,don't get me wrong, he needed to go. But remember this, at least he had some winning games.
Molnar is producing NOTHING,his MO is to blame the team, well Chuckie-the buck stops with you. You can' win if you can'y coach.
Another huckster in the drivers seat.

Anonymous said...

Already Molnar is throwing the team under the bus. Maine is way ahead of UMass in everything. He may be a slick talker but a damn poor motivator. Not 1 player will run through a wall for him. At least Morris's players played with some heart. Look at his coaching staff, all old has beens. Everyone of them has been through a revolving door of jobs. If they were any good they would look to be moving up instead taking the only opening they can get at UMass. UMass needs a young coach, and a staff that can motivate kids!! Not throw them under the bus!!

Anonymous said...

Solazzo has to go. He is unprofessional,unstable and frankly a major distraction to this team moving forward. I was told by a fan that was right behind the defense bench that Solazzo benched Byrne for most of the game for missing an assignment, and was screaming at the kid like a raving lunatic and the kid stood there and took it. Why the kid didn't walk off is beyond me. I checked the stats and Byrne had at least six tackles in his limited playing time, was crucial in stopping UMaine drives and always plays with heart in every game. Playing a 3/4 defense when trying to stop the run exposed the ineptitude of this coaching staff. Actually, the entire staff needs to go. The most embarrassing of all was Molnar, who now is being quoted as saying UMass isn't any further ahead than they were two years ago as a FCS Team. And now there is no difference between UMass and UMAINE? Molnar has been selling snake oil since his arrival. He and his staff are not qualified to coach at this level. Elmassian is known to wander about in the box while the defense is on the field and loses focus. From other posts we hear that all Molnar did after the game was berate the players while accusing the team of slacking all week. If so, why did he not fix it before Saturday. And what about this hurry up offense. The only thing that I see that is remotely hurry up is when the offense is yelling to the side line to hurry up and send in the next play. Out coached all game. I am sure I will not be bringing my family to another game, not because of the players but because I can't stomach another game having to watch this alleged college football coaching staff. The Athletic Department best be taking heed to all the posts on this and Maroon Musket.. No One is happy and if anyone is still blowing the bugle it most likely is in retreat.

Unhappyalumni said...

The athletic director of Umass should be embarrassed and rightfully ashamed of himself. You've poorly selected not one, but two awful coaching staffs. Use the tax paying dollars we give you and show us a good staff to lead this team to victory. Select a staff will play top talent, not young kids fresh out of HIGHSCHOOL because they were promised a "starting position." As a umass alum, and a person who choses to donate money to my former school, I will refrain from sending checks, and be sure to have anyone else I know that graduated with me to stop donating as well until something is done about this.

Anonymous said...

I've been what you might call a silent lurker for some time. I enjoy reading everyone's thought on the Coaches, players and schemes or lack there of.

After the Maine game and reading post from many of the blogs I'm compelled to share with you my facts...not thoughts, FACTS!!!!!

The players do not respect Molner, from day one he belittled the players who are now his upperclassmen by commenting in the press that he has a team of inferior players, that they're 1aa because they did not have the talent to play at a higher level.

In one speeches to the alumni he said and I quote... I don't have to respect them, they have to respect me! That was my first ahha moment that this guy was the wrong person for this team.

Last season we lost a lot of good football players to transfers because of poor leadership. Although I do not have firsthand info on this but remember we lost what two maybe three coaches in Molner's first year. And if you remember he would put it on, personal he would say anything to get the attention from him. Molner would immediately go into damage control.

Yes it takes five years to build a solid program, that is true, however Charlie Molnar does not have the ability to be successful. When you hear players talking about their HIGH SCHOOL COACH would do a much better job then the current head coach, you better listen.

This is their reality. Give them a coaching staff to be successful with or many more will be leaving the program after this season.

And for the naysayers, its not because they can't take the pressure....its because they do not believe in this uninspiring gentleman that should be moved to the Marketing Department and away from the Football Field.

Anonymous said...

Dead on in the latest post. Ryan Delaire left because he refused to put up with Solazzo berating all of them. Of course it was reported as "For personal reasons." Look what Delaire did against UConn There are a few more from the offensive line that said enough is enough. Molnar came in telling these guys they were not his picks and to stay away from his recruits. Talk about creating a divisive atmosphere. There are very few players willing to follow these coaches. Take a look at Anderson's interview when he mentions Solazzo, a political answer for sure but you can read between the lines. This isn't the only sport in the UMass program with major problems. Take a look at the baseball program, is the AD doing his job? Losing to a mediocre FCS team such as UMaine is a lot different than losing to a UNH N.Dakota or Towson team. Those teams are well coached and have players responding to respected coaching staffs. Not that UMaine doesn't have a great coach,you could see the desire from the players to win for him and the team. Don't put all the blame on Sollazo or the other coaches in the trenches. The head coach carries most of the blame, he has lost sight and control of his staff. Elmassian is not 100% into the UMass program and has been quoted as such on too many occasions.(Not through the media but stay close by him and listen.)
Such disappointment to hear Molnar throwing this team under the bus. What coach needs to call a time out for a punt or balks at a 4th and one past the 45 yard line, a coach with little to no faith in his team. That is too clear a message sent to the players. Well, we do not have faith in you Molnar and I hope you and your staff are only renting.

Anonymous said...

So it is obvious to many of us that Charlie is a finger pointer and that he spends quite a bit of time doing so here on this blog; blaming his players, past coaching staffs, etc. Time to focus on the coaching Chatlie. You are the leader of this team and your lack of execution thus far is reprehensible. This is going to be a long season and I worry that the fans are leaving in droves by the second. At least put up a good fight in the games. Your loss to Maine is an embarrassment to umass. The athletic department needs a shift soon too. Time to step back and take perspective of the whole picture. Sad fan.