Sunday, September 08, 2013

Sunday September 8, 2014

Like a collision at sea, you could see this one coming a long way away.

It was a beautiful day. The UMass Marching Band sounded great. More than 15,000 fans showed up for the game.

The UMass football team didn't show up. Some UMass players may have NFL dreams. If you've ever watched any of Ray Lewis' memorable pregame rants on YouTube, then you know what a NFL player has to do. If you are on offense, you need to make plays. On defense, you need to hit. When the whistle sounds both sides have to throw the switch to the "On" position. If there were any NFL scouts at the game, any Minutemen player hoping in playing in the Pros chances just got longer.

Yesterday's game hurt the program, the coaching staff and the players. We need to hit the "reset" button  and start making progress.

Coach Molnar does not even a full compliment of scholarships until 2015. I felt the UMass administration would give him till then to change the UMass program. Yesterday probably knocked a year off that horizon.

Special teams again hurt us. Maine had better field position all game. The UMass punter again shanked a punt and to get any distance, he had to kick low. A Minutemen returner fielded a kick inside the UMass five yard line. Our kicker took the air out of a potential fourth quarter UMass comeback by kicking out of bounds right after UMass scored a TD.

UMass tried two quarterbacks and neither could move the team. Our running back, billed as the fastest player on the squad, never looked like he could break open a long run. Twice, Minutemen series were stopped when a UMass receiver ran a route that was two yards shy of a first down.

The UMass defense has only received about a third of the first two years of recruits. Maybe we should rethink this year's class. The defense was pushed off the line of scrimmage all day. Twice Maine racked up big gains on a simple screen play. It came within an eyelash of working a third time. Black Bear receivers were wide open a number of times.

On coaching, the Minutemen are supposed to be playing a fast up tempo spread offense. The playing calling was glacially slow. UMass had to call a time out because we didn't have 11 men on the field for a punt. Some coach needs to be tasked with counting noses. On most teams, the punter counts too.

I'm going to break tradition and not set any links for game articles.  If I were the coaching staff and players I would not watch any of the game film either.

Let's all UMass fans, players and coaches shake it off and start working on getting better.

Go UMass!!


Yesterday' MAC scoreboard.

 Akron and CMU both beat CAA teams by a combined total of five points.

Nichols State beat Western Michigan adding another FBS scalp to this year's totals.


BTW, I liked the new UMass uniforms.


An honorary Boston driver's licence goes to this New Hampshire driver.



prof. said...

Very accurate and well written assessment, Frank. It's going to be either a painfully long season, like last season, albeit, with higher expectations, or one that is inconsistent and poorly executed, leaving us all frustrated in the end.

MinuteFan said...

The worst part of yesterday was that this was not an upset. Maine was far and away the better team. If they played ten times, Maine would win nine. Molnar could not sell wins, so he sold hope and progress. He can't sell that anymore either.
I didn't think this move would ultimately succeed but I was hoping to be wrong. I bought 4 club seats and I wil keep going until the experiment ends which is inevitable. I only hope that when it does end the university does not ditch football entirely. A crisp fall day in Amherst against UNH sounds pretty good right now.

TopUMassFan said...


I wrote the other day that a win against Maine wouldn't mean much but a loss would be disastrous.

The sky has fallen. Period.

Just seven years ago we played for a National Championship and were a major competitor in CAA football.

Now we are the joke of FBS and CAA football.

We have no fans in EMass and have lost our fan base in Central Mass. We won't make our attendance figures, we'll go on probation, recruits will go elsewhere and the big experiment will become a failure.

I'm not sure the CAA would take us back and if the did, would fans show up in Amherst?

Only a miracle can save this ship from sinking completely. A win against Kansas State or Vandy or a couple home wins against MAC opponents. The fans aren't coming to see anymore of THIS, that is for sure.

Coaching staff may need to go. Needing to score with little time left, we punt on fourth and one? ARE YOU KIDDING? We can lose but 10 just as easily by 17. But we can't score WITHOUT THE BALL!. Get rid of the run with the fake throw, no one is fooled (except maybe the UMass blockers) and the spread offense. Go back to running the ball and wearing the other team down. Quick three and outs aren't wearing the other team down.

I will continue to go to the games, Frank, but it will be to hear the band and watch the dance team. The football game just isn't interesting anymore.

Anonymous said...

the truck through the house pretty much describes the umass' offense

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem with this experiment is that the program was free falling under coach Morris. He left the program with no talent and was allowed to stay on when the administration knew they were going to upgrade. If this was done when umass was one of the top 1AA programs rather than one that couldn't break 500 or make the playoffs the transition would not have been so difficult. It's hard to build from scratch but that is what this coaching staff has to do.