Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Recruiting 2012--Melquawn Pinkney

Republican/Mike Beswick image report UMass is interested in Melquawn Pinkney, a 5-9 165 pd RB/DB from Putnam Vocational.

Pinkney won the Norman S. Dagenais Award for the top player in Western Mass. Rushed for 2,899 yards and 43 TD's. 

Story here.

ESPN All-state.

YouTube highlight video here.

Also drawing interest from UConn and BC.


Anonymous said...

Is molnar going to get a staff together any time soon? Its been over a week.

Anonymous said...

Pinkney is more like 5-7, certainly not 5-9. His best attribute is his patience. Patiently stays behind the line and explodes through it when a hole opens. Also makes nice cuts.

nes said...

Are these leftovers from Morris or is coach Molnar directing the recruiting?

Anonymous said...

i played against this kid, and trust me, he is something special. i was the best player on defense that year and he just blew by me. i don't see him as an everydown back in D1, but definitely a slot reciever or scat back.