Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday--December 20, 2011

Coach Molnar leaves Notre Dame and will be coaching full time for UMass.

Statement from the UMass website.

More from WSBD.com.

TSN has no UMass players on it's three FCS All-America teams. Perhaps more surprising was zero Maine players from a team that went two rounds deep into the playoffs.


The Mac Blog "Hustle Belt" says he has no idea who is going to coach Akron.


Recruiting is in a NCAA "quiet' period with the coaches not allowed to contact recruits until January 3rd.

Let's look at the MAC's West Division totals.

Northern Illinois (10-3) commits: 13 players, 2 three star, 7 two stars and 1 ones

Toledo (8-4) commits: 20 players, 4 three star, 10 two stars.

Western Michigan (7-5) commits: 0 three stars, 8 two stars and 1 one star

Ball State (6-6) commits: 20 players, 5 three star, 9 two star.

Eastern Michigan (6-6) commits: 15 players, 2 three star, 7 two stars, 1 one star

Central Michigan (3-9) commits: 19 players, 3 three star, 13 two star


Rivals (with a different way of ranking recruits) has the 2012 MAC team rankings here.



Anonymous said...

Pulling kids scholarships would make it very hard in recruiting for any coach moving forward. A reputation no coach wants. You think these high school coaches don't talk? If you pulled a kid after one season, you'll never get another kid from that school ever again and if the kids high school coach has any clout it could be worse. You think a high school coach would send his kids to any school knowing the kid could get pulled after one year. No chance.

Anonymous said...

We have had similar classes in the past, if one puts any stock in these assessments. I would think that our recruiting this year may be fairly consistent with years past, and it will be interesting to see what Molnar is able to accomplish in a couple of months, but he seems like a high energy guy who means what he says and will not make excuses. Needs for the current recruiting class? I think DL, secondary, receivers, RB, OL, and kickers.

Anonymous said...

Please charlie just get a kicker. A good kicker and I will be happy. The last two seasons have been painful watchings field goals and pats

vetteson said...

Coach Fusia's son Michael has some interesting notes on UMass football history and supports the move in an editorial in the Daily Hampshire Gazette. There's going to be continued controversy on the campus over the move until UMass wins its first big game. Anyway, criticsm of the coach's salary pales in comparison to the situation involving the "former" president and his salary. As long as UMass Amherst has its leadership, with a staff the size of Queen Elizabeth's, camped in Boston, it will be difficult to reach the bar we would all like.

Anonymous said...

We recruited heavy in RB's and WR's last year, and overall productive offensive players including a QB! I would think based on last years class and the positions they play, the need this year is for beef up front on both sides of the ball! And kickers!

UMass74 said...

Yes, one thing that REALLY needs fixing is our kicking game.

In 2011 in the CAA UMass was:

8th in punting average

10th in field goals made

Last in field goal percentage

10th in PAT average

7th in Red Zone scoring.

We led the league in turning the ball over inside the Red Zone on downs (we went for it because we knew we couldn't kick a field goal).

Anonymous said...

Need more RBs and speed at WR! We need an imposing DL

Anonymous said...

Would like to see us beef up the defensive line in recruiting.

Anonymous said...

Tough to recruit DL. There are not too many kids who can move their big frames athletically as is needed on the defensive side of the ball, so when you can get a few who can move their size you grab em. One of our DL was selected to All CAA. So heading in the right direction.