Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday December 19, 2011

There is a dearth of football news on the wires this morning, so let's look at recruiting.

In February of 2011, UMass announced 24 recruits. Four of the 24 Derek Beck, John McGrath, Jamal Wilson and Ryan Campbell, ultimately did not appear on the 2011 roster.

Five of the surviving rectuits were defensive players: Iric Harris DB, Randell Jette DB, Quayshun Smith DB, Greg Hilliard LB, and Kyle Morgan DL.

There were fourteen offensive players and a kicker.

Right now ESPN reports we have three commits all on offense.
 ESPN gives Jones and Doyle two stars. Mills is NR. I realize the recruiting services ratings can be bogus, but they can give some insight in a macro sense.

ESPN lists the following totals for the MAC East

Ohio (11-4) commits: 11 players, one three star, 6 two star

Temple (10-4) commits: 30 players, 4 three star, 13 two stars, 2 one stars

Kent State (5-7) commits: 16 players, 4 three star, 7 two stars, 1 one star

Bowling Green (5-7) commits: 15 players, 6 three stars, 3 two stars, 1 one star

Miami of Ohio (4-8) commits: 16 players, 3 three stars, 9 two stars.

Buffalo (3-9) commits: 13 players, 2 three stars, 10 two stars, 1 one star

Akron (1-11 and currently no HC) commits: 6 players, 1 three star, 1 two star.

Coach Molnar has some work to do. Eventually, UMass is going to need some defensive players.


Anonymous said...

Now is coach molnar coaching the champs sports bowl or is he done with nd?

UMass74 said...

Molnar and the Champs Bowl

Anonymous said...

He was never the offensive coordinator at nd to begin with. Brian Kelly does the offense.

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww

file these comments under "this'll work"

regarding recruiting go to Milford Academy and Fork Union Military Academy and Hargraves Military Academy and offer any starter who has not committed.

Players who can be admitted here, and have played at these schools, should be able to play here and do well. We have had lots of players from these schools who have done well come here - M Shipp, V Cruz (well he went to Bridgton in ME but)

Really like Coach Charlie and how this is all going.

Anonymous said...

So we have three recruits. Do we just punt this years recruiting at this point and focus on the next season. The worst thing we can do is sign bad kids then be stuck with them for 4 years. Selective recruiting this season.

Anonymous said...

Top Row is at it again, there is a reason why 21 and 22 year old men go to military academies...because they could not cut it coming out of hs. Please let the new coaching staff do their job, i bet it wont be long before you are spitting out more of your unwanted wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Schools aren't stuck with players for 4 years. Scholarships are one year at a time deals. Just pull them.

DEM said...

"So we have three recruits. Do we just punt this years recruiting at this point and focus on the next season?"

One of the posters on the hoops board mentioned that Morris had said at the final sports luncheon that he had something like 8 verbals - so if that's true and those players are still committed (and the new coach wants them), then we might be further along than we know.

Anonymous said...

Jamal Wilson and John McGrath are on the 2011 roster as I see it.

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww to the TAP who thinks that 21-22 year old MEN who play at the Academies . . . . somehow could not cut it.

Hope Frank lets this post through but you are obviously lacking in the mental capacity department.

"Could not cut it" so these guys go off to a military academy with some of the nations best and easily the most challenging colleges in the country because they could not cut it?????

Your comments are sadly laughable. Your anonymous tag line is just another example of being a TAP (that is short for The Anonymous Poster the need to explain to you as a mental midget is unfortunate).

Maybe if you took even moments to check out these prep schools football programs you might have even a sliver of an understanding on what kind of student athletes play there.

Otherwise just post up where you sit and at least one of us from formerly up in the Top Roww would very willingly come by and "chat" with you on why it would be beneficial to have players like this play for our team. Just keep in mind oh inept keyboard warrior that one of us from the Top Roww has a son who graduated from West Point and is on his way to Afghanistan helping to protect your right to freedom of speech to continue to post such foolishness. Better yet just jump off the UMass band wagon now you mouthy coward. You want to critique one of us in the Top Roww that is fine - you want to slam those who go to the academies well. . . . .hope you can back it up

UMass74 said...

Let's all try to be civil. I believe most readers evaluate comments on their content not on the person making the comment.

I try to moderate as little as possible, but one reason I don't read message boards is flame wars. They have zero information content in my opinion.

UMass73 said...

Frank, I give you a lot of credit for keeping this blog going with all of the negativity. I think I would have been discouraged and just given up. People can't seem to just disagree, they have to attack the messenger. I would be the first to admit that I do not know all of the intracacies of the game of football, but I do like to read top rows comments. I think they are very insightful. If you don't agree, fine. But most of the comments seem like a bunch of old ladies whining. Some of the anonymous commentators are probably BC or UConn fans. Some are probably ex (fired) coaches or players with a gripe with coaches. I'm just a fan. Never played football, never knew anyone on the team. Not jumping on any bandwagon, or off. I have been to every home game except for maybe six since 1968. I have had season tickets since 1974. Been to most away games in New England. Looking forward to a new season and a new era in Umass football without the negativity. Stuck around in the losing seasons and I will be there when we win. Go Umass.

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww

Sorry Frank for the blast levied at the TAP who is a MM

Will try and keep the posts going forward more appropriate.

Will say it again though - if you have a problem with one of us in the Top Roww - - - fine. Say whatever you like. Post anything at all.

Slapping those who go to the academies is way out of line. Of course if you want to be a TAP commenting like that is probably just another example of your being some weak keyboard "hero".

The TAP could always post a name - or better yet where they sit - and all sorts of constructive conversation could take place.

Nope that won't happen from a TAP or some blog troll.

As for you Gabes keep up on the training and here is to hoping you and all of your troopers are doing well.

Have a Nice Day ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Didn't jeremy miles go to the naval academy before playing safety here? He is with the Bengals now.

Seems like the kind of player we could use.

Mike '87

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww

First to Frank and UMass 73 Thanks. To the other posters who use a name like Izy or others Thanks as well.

A lot of the time we try to keep it civil and supportive. Most of the TAP's are easy to ignore but when someone slaps those who go to acadamies (and would seem to indirectly at least) slap at those who defend our country well that is over the line and they need to be called out.

Hopefully that kind of post will be the last from one of the three of us who used to sit in the Top Roww. Have signed up for season tix again and -at least- the three of us will be going to the Michigan game as well. Once we have assigned seating we will gladly post it and look forward to talking with those who support the program.

Going to be away for a while to be with friends and family. Looking forward to one son coming back from A-Stan and wishing another son safe travels once he is there.

To all who support UMass football - Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year. We agree we need to sign up some more DL's and Kickers and Punters. We think that Coach Charlie (that is what we have been calling him) seems like a good fit and we are excited to see the spring game and then seeing the team play at UConn.

For Christmas this year we are asking for a win against UConn. That would certainly warm our hearts and put visions of sugarplums in our heads.

Gabes keep on doing what you are doing and we all look forward to seeing you here asap. You and all of the troopers take care.

Have a Nice Day ! ! !