Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday--December 26, 2011

UPDATE: Football Scoop is saying Villanova defensive line coach Dave Sollazzo will be joining the UMass staff as defensive line/assistant head coach .

Sollazzo's Villanova bio.

Quote from Sollazzo's bio:

"He was also the Terrapin recruiting coordinator for the previous five years. During his last four years at Maryland, the Terps signed 72 student-athletes ranked among the top 100 nationally at their positions, including 17 All-Americans."

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The Notre Dame football team is enjoying its stay in Orlando. The story has a mention of Coach Molnar.


If you haven't seen Victor Cruz's 99 yard TD against the Jets, it's the YouTube clip above. One of the remarkable things about the catch is that it was not  busted coverage. Cruz makes three different Jet DB's tackle air.

Rex Ryan calls Cruz " a Jets killer".


After the first of the year, I going to revise the format of the Blog. I'm going to take out the FCS links and add MAC and FBS sites. One of the links I'm going to have is one you might like to keep. It's future UMass schedules.


Western Michigan plays Perdue in the Little Caesar's Bowl tomorrow. The Broncos have knocked off a number of BCS teams since 2005.



Gregg said...

Cruz is the shizzle!

Anonymous said...

If this report is true we will have a couple of coaches with lots of experience (Molnar 28 & Sollazzo 33). He also must have coached with Don Brown who also was at Maryland for 2009 & 10.