Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday--December 15, 1011

Jeff Thomas says could Pitt hire Mark Whipple?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- says Victor Cruz is becoming a household name.

Cruz has also dropped some passes this year.


Michigan led the nation in home attendance again this year. Air Force joins UMass on the Wolverines 2012 home OOC schedule.


Ya never know in recruiting. The saga of Tyrone Figuroa from East Boston, who was going to attend UMass, but backed out at the last minute.


Preview of the first of the MAC's bowl games this year. Famous Idaho Potato Bowl at 3:30 on Saturday.


Former Buffalo coach Turner Gill was named HC at Liberty.


TSN previews this week's FCS Semifinals.


Long time Harvard coach Joe Restic has passed away. He was a fixture in New England coaching circles for decades.



Anonymous said...

Why do writers constantly harp on some dropped passes? It's not like he's had so many he's on pace to set a record. Every receiver drops passes, stop with the constant talk of Cruz doing so.

Anonymous said...

I can't recall a year in which more coaching changes were made, and surprising ones at that. I would think that Whipple would have been a great fit at ASU, but Pitt seems an even better fit. Turner Gill should have stuck it out at Buffalo; let it be a lesson for the overeager types. What did he have to gain by going to KU, except a raise? Now look at what he done! Ain't the grass always greener!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday whipple was a candidate for the asu job, now Pitt. Last year it was uconn, before that bc, Marshall and about 20 other jobs I can't think of. When are the writers going to knock this crap off. He's not a candidate for anything, he should be worried about keeping his current job. He killed the Miami program and colt McCoy is one of the worst abs in the league. His body of work is not going to get him a job as a head coach.

vetteson said...

Yes, Joe Restic passed away, the "dean" of Ivy League football, with his (in)famous "Flex" offense. I remember going to Cambridge (Harvard would never travel to Hooterville) and watch UMass usually kick their butts. And listen to the Harvard kids hurl insults at the UMass fans (...can't you spell MASSACHUSETTS?).

UMass74 said...

I went to the last UMass-Harvard game. The UMass band doffed their hats and yelled "Hello Harvard!"

The Harvard band replied "Eat shit UMass!".

Jimmie Reid, who never had anything bad to say about UMass' opponents, publicly called the Harvard band "vile".

Anonymous said...

Whipple killed the Miami program??? That makes sense.

NES said...

Am I missing something? What's Umass football newsworthy about the young man from East Boston?

nes said...

What's with the Whipple badmouthing? He did great things for us and left behind our proudest football memories. Go Whip, make it happen!

Anonymous said...

Charlie Molnar = getting it done. No time to waste and no excuses. I'm buying stock in UMASS football=season tix for xmas. UMASS fans it's time to put up!!

Anonymous said...

Yay, bandwagoners...also the first to jump off