Monday, December 05, 2011

Monday--December 5, 2011

UMass adds to the the coaching search committee: UMass Board of Trustees member Henry Thomas III and UMass Deputy Chancellor Todd Diacon.


The UMass Daily Collegian has an article on "What UMass can learn from the Patriots". We talk about upgrading football here, but as I keep saying, it's not just about football. It's about more opportunities for women's sports, more alumni involvement, more support from the state. As a UMass grad, it jerks my jaws when someone uses that "safety school" line on me.

Becoming a top flight public university like the University of Michigan or UCLA requires UMass to excel in all aspects. Athletics is just part of that.

All of us football types are just as interested in UMass having top shelf academics and research. I just don't understand the people who think the two are mutually exclusive. All the top flight public universities play DI football. Comparing UMass to Harvard or Yale or Cal Tech (as one facility senate member did) is mixing apples and oranges big time.


Three Pitt assistant coaches are moving to Arizona. The article mentions Calvin Magee as a candidate for the UMass HC job.


The "Hustle Belt" blog looks at the MAC's bowl invite candidates.


The CAA went 1-3 in the FCS playoffs Saturday. The CAA website has video and interviews from the games.


Keepers College Football Ratings has Maine a 15 point underdog to GSU in the next round of the playoffs.

TSN's Craig Daley looks at Saturday's FCS playoff games.



Jon Pincince said...

CAA was 1-4 Saturday, I think. ODU, JMU, UNH and Towson all lost.

Anonymous said...

Dayne Crist, ND QB, wants to transfer after graduating early and is eligile to play immediately. Sign him!

vetteson said...

From "naive": As we at UMass watch with quiet desperation and jeolosy the athletic marvel and fortunes of Michigan and Ohio State football, so do they spoil for equality with UMass and its burgeoning Quiddich dynasty.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that top flight academics and athletics are not mutually exclusive.
However, the divisive factor is money.
The football program loses money and will continue to lose money.
The bean counters, accountants and some faculty focus on this and object to the status quo or any plans to upgrade.
It is a hard argument to connect high level football and excellent academics. Michigan and Wisconsin are great examples of state schools that have both and I hope Umass heads in that direction but it takes an expansive view to see this because they can coexist but great athletics don't create great academics or vice versa.

Anonymous said...

Dear vetteson, your mastery of wordsmithing leaves me to believe you must be part wizard/part unicorn all magic. Hopefully you can conjure a coach better than Morris. Please continue to hold up the liberal arts sign and I will continue to verbal spare you as your facisnation that others will back you in getting rid of football will have the same success rate as occupy boston. So here's to you vetteson, old dumbledor, we salute your efforts, protests etc. I on the other hand will continue to support all athletics while you do not.

Anonymous said...

dayne christ is terrible. no way

vetteson said...

I like dumbledor! I will opine shortly on why we can never be Michigan. It has to do with growing up in New England.

Anonymous said...

Vetteson- It does not do to dwell or opine on dreams and forget to live in the moment
Michigan we may never be but uconn we can certainly be.

UMass74 said...

Or Rutgers!

I want UMass to be a top-tier public university.

I don't want UMass to be a football factory and I don't want it to be a larger version of Fitchburg State.

My point is to TRY to operate at the highest level in all aspects.

There is no cause and effect for athletics and public university ranking, but all the top public universities seem to be DI. I don't care if it's symptom or cause, the two seem to go together.

Anonymous said...

The basketball team needs to chip in here. If umass hoops could ever make the return to national power it would create great exposure for the school. Greatly help football too.