Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday--December 21, 2011

Another story on Coach Molnar leaving Notre Dame to focus on UMass.


Michael Fusia, the son of UMass legend Vic Fusia, has a guest editorial in the Hampshire Gazette praising UMass' move to FBS football.


We've been talking about recruiting the last couple of days. Matty V. Story that I linked to yesterday has the following quote:

"Monday began a dead period in the recruiting calendar that runs until Jan. 3, meaning no in-person meetings or phone calls with recruits. Molnar will likely try to have a staff in place by Jan. 4, when another, albeit short, contact period begins for three days Jan. 4-7. Coaches can call, host or have home/school visits with prospects during that time.

Jan. 8 is a one-day quiet period, however calls and on-campus meetings are allowed. Jan. 9-12 is another dead period followed by a contact period that runs from Jan. 13-28. Jan. 29 is quiet followed by a dead period from Jan. 30 to Feb. 2. National signing day is Feb. 1.

That's 18 recruiting days left until LOI day February 1st. Remember LOI Day is the first day recruits can be announced. Recruiting can continue after that.

An SB Nation writer explains the "Dead Period".


Ratings and advertisement sales in the "Baby Bowls" such as the two Bowls MAC teams have played in have been a hit for ESPN.


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