Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday--December 10, 2011

Charley Molnar seeks to make UMass like Boise State.

Molnar said he would eventually like to have his son, Charley Molnar III, join him at UMass.


The Worcester Telegram on Molnar's appointment.

The Boston Globe says Molnar's a builder.


Big has a post on the amazin' stats Victor Cruz is piling up for the Giants. Cruz is compared to the Giants legendary WR  Del Shofner.

John Angelillo/UPI/Fotoglif image


Montana routed Northern Iowa 48-10 last night on a national ESPN game.


The Portland Press-Herald says Maine has been playing for its future this year.

Maine plays Georgia Southern at 2:00 PM today on ESPN3.



Anonymous said...

No caa teams left in the playoffs, down year for the conference. We got beat by all these teams so we need to improve fast.

Anonymous said...

The people on the other board are saying the hell with the coaches idea of welcoming all of the UMASS campus locations to Foxboro. It proves to me he is truly a marketing savy guy. It won't happen overnight, but it is definitely a good strategy,espiecially if all employees are targeted as well. Just the medical school alone could bring in lots of Fans and $$. Stay with this plan coach you are right.

Anonymous said...

Boise State is hardly the flagship university in Idaho if academics plays any role in that designation.

That honor goes to the University of Idaho in Moscow, the only research university in the state.