Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Wednesday--December 7, 2011

The Chicago Tribune says a Notre Dame source expects Molnar to land the UMass job.

The Berkshire Eagle has a story about Molnar and some quotes on what he looks for in a quarterback.

The UMass Daily Collegian says Molnar may make a move to the Minutemen.

The Irish Illustrated has a post on Molnar's possible move to UMass.

The ESPN Notre Dame blog says ND coach chip Kelly relates nothing is official yet on Molnar's move.

Report from Football Scoop.

Relevant quote: "The Minutemen are getting a proven offensive coach in Molnar and his background in the MAC will surely help the transition to FBS."


Fox Sports looks at FBS conference breakdowns after  the latest shift. Mentions possible changes in the MAC.


Opposing lists the 10 best non-BCS bowl games including the NIU-Arkansas State GoDaddy Bowl.


Old Dominion's Bobby Wilder says freshman QB Taylor Heinicke is the best QB in FCS football.


The Savannah Morning News says Maine continues to prove the experts wrong.



Anonymous said...

I believe Molnar would make a great coach and would develop a solid program under his belt. I also think we would benefit drastically by the Spread Offense. It would be most beneficial for our young QB who showed great pocket passing at times, and obviously has a strong arm just needs to be in the right offense.

Anonymous said...

Does molnar have any head coaching experience? I wonder who he brings in for a staff.

vetteson said...

Yikes, the comments about catholics! Too bad he isn't Polish, or Ukranian. Anyway, success in the MAC is a 7-5 season. Two years of this and he'll be gone.

Anonymous said...

vetteson- never disapoints! Thanks for fulfilling my daily dose of negativity. Agree on the religious affilation as it shouldn't matter but 7-5??? That would mean running the league undefeated with a few non conference big game losses. Cheer up big guy, its the holidays. Merry Christmas! Oh wait, it that to religious?

UMass74 said...

2011 MAC success so far:

Northern Illinois 10-3
Ohio 9-4
Temple 8-4
Toledo 8-4
Western Michigan 7-5

TopUMassFan said...

After the year we just had, 7-5 would be a miracle. I think a win or two next year would be more realistic.

Let's leave religion out of these discussions. I just want a good football guy to lead us in the right direction- forward and upward. I want UMass football to be exciting again and I feel a fresh, new face is the way to go. Bring a guy like Shipp onboard to help with recruiting; he also brings credability to the program.

For the haters out there, why not do something more constructive with your time than hating on UMass football. If you don't like the program, just walk away. When the day comes that I don't enjoy Minutemen football, that is what I will do...I'll walk away.

Looking forward to an announcement on a new HC soon. Merry Christmas to all UMass fans, especially to Frank and Mrs. Blog.

Anonymous said...

Stepping-stone for both.

izy1 said...

Molnars stats are better than what we had.......any improvement is an improvement.
If he gets here, give the guy a chance for crying out loud