Thursday, December 29, 2011

Recruiting 2012---Mali Evans

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Before the UMass coaching change, reported UMass had offered to Mali Evans, a 6-0 190 pd OLB from Jacksonville, FL.

Evans Rivals page is here.

Interview with Evans here.

Evans also holds offers from Elon, Georgia Southern, Iowa State and Southern University.


Anonymous said...

maybe molnar can do some recruiting at the nd game today.

Anonymous said...

OK my ro-mate from the Top Roww is still away so I am filling in for a post here during bowl week.

First off I will let it be known that all three of us agree that Coach Charlie looks like a good hire. We also agree that Coach Sollazo (haven't worked up another nickname for him yet but we will) is another good coach for us to have on the staff.

Next we talk about the MAC Bowl teams. 3-1 with one game to play and it will be really surprising if N Ill doesn't win as well. W Michigan lost and they were playing Purdue pretty well except for the fact of 6 turnovers. This sounds very much like some UMass games when they would play well but would commit preventable to's or silly penalties. Here is to hoping that Coach Charlie gets these two categories under control.

If these bowl teams are an indication on the kinds of teams we will be playing then we are joining a pretty good conference. At least for now since all of us in the Top Roww hope to be playing in the Big East in 5 years or so.

Not sure if anyone else watches the introductions of pro players on TV. Interesting to see the college they attended but since it was broadcast we are going to the MAC it seems that every NFL team has 1-3 players on their offense or defense who played in the MAC.

Looking forward to more signing and transfer news and to see who else joins the staff.

John '87 Accounting - - - that is for "the guy" who asks for some ID when posting.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Purdue LB coach Phil Elmassian will be our new defensive coordinator per hudl.

Tom M '72

Anonymous said...

Love the defensive hire. Huge step in the right direction for umass. Big step up from hiring guys from central conn st. We have some great coaches thus far. I'm excited.

RDM said...

In the coming days/weeks, can we get a list of all the coaches and their titles...?

UMass74 said...

Yes, I'll do that when they're all announced.