Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday--December 11, 2011

Jeff Thomas says Coach Molnar embraces the challenge of moving UMass to FBS.

BostonInno says Molnar puts Boston College on alert.


Maine lost to GSU 35-28 in the quarterfinals of the FCS tournament.  The Black Bear's run reminds me of UMass in 1999, when the Minutemen had to play Furman and GSU on the road.

UMass beat Furman 30-23 in overtime with a one yard run by Marcel Shipp.

In the next game, Don Brown's defense played  GSU tough in the first half with the Minutemen finishing the half down 10-7. The Eagles broke it open late to send the Minutemen home 38-21. Brown left for Northeastern after the season ended.


Tim Beckman hopes to add to the success of former MAC coaches at BCS schools. The article says Dave Doeren of Northern Illinois, Ron English of Eastern Michigan and Pete Lembo of Ball State all might get the call soon.


More on Victor Cruz' record setting pace for the Giants.


Jeromy Miles saw his first action other than special teams on December 4th against Pittsburgh. His 2011 stats and action report here.


Brandon Walsh, a two-time All-Scholastic QB from Andover will attend UMass with a baseball scholarship.



izy1 said...

Nice article on Cruz.
We [collectively] always knew he had the right stuff.
Go NY Giants![take that you Pats fans.....]

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank, I was at that georgia southern/umass game in '99. I don't think we had 50 fans in the whole place!Getting back to the new coach, he cetainly is our best chance at succeeding,great personality, highly motivated and truly wanted this job! Hope he can overcome against all odds and succeed, kinda like Cruz has done with his chance! Good Luck Mr. Molnar!! GO UMASS!!! Tom M '72

Anonymous said...

Let's not make it like molnar is knute Rockne here. Yes he was a position coach at nd but nd isn't a top school for football. Is bc on alert, maybe. They still play in the acc and we are in the Mac. If I am getting scholarship offers from bc and umass, I am going to bc. Better school, better coach, better level of football. We Need to stop comparing umass to bc and focus on the Mac.

Gregg Clements said...

Quick note....Branding Walsh is from North Andover.

Excited about Molnar. Hopefully, he can handle the negative attacks that will surely come from the Globe and Herald. Make no mistake, they want him and UMass to fail and they will do everything they can to make sure that happens. It happened with Calipari and the hoop team in the 1990's. It will happen again.

izy1 said...

BC aint all that much. They think they are bigger and better than they are. They need to get over themselves.They stink as bad as anyone else when they lose.......

as far as the infamous "anonymous" poster that Molnar isn't Knute ....well who is but Knute.
Compared to the last HC that UMASS had, Charlie Brown would have been as good as Rockne in the same gene pool......

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Steve Buckley and the kraft suck ups in the media get behind umass football. The big thing will be fan support. Those bc grads will be in envy if they turn on the tube and see gillette packed.

Anonymous said...

memo to UMASS offer deals for season tix for xmas presents. Free hat,etc People waste big bucks on junk for dad or grandpa shopping last minute- put an ad in the Worcester&springfield sports pages. It's worth a try.

TopUMassFan said...

Sorry Maine's run fell short; I'll be rooting for Montana now (they have awesome fans!).

I am excited about our hire for HC. There is ONLY one Knute so stop that comparison now; BC IS NOT as good as they think; let them compare themselves to UMass in a couple of years (I hope!).

I like the idea of a free hat for season tix. We will need to come up with a couple new traditions so let's put our thinking caps on. Happy Holidays to all!