Thursday, December 08, 2011

Thursday--December 8, 2011

Matty V. says Charlie Molnar will be named UMass' 28th head coach today at a 4:00 PM press conference at Gillette Stadium.

The Boston Globe says Molnar is the new UMass coach.

The Chicago Tribune says it was just a matter of time.

UPDATE: Watch video of the conference for free.

Also: "UMass will hold a press conference this afternoon at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro to make a major football announcement. You can watch the event live by clicking on the link above beginning at 4pm Thursday. It will also be broadcast live on television in Western Mass on CBS 3 Now (Comcast channel 293, Charter channel 230, Campus channel 79."

Future Notre Dame schedule lists Temple in 2013 and Akron and Temple in 2015. Do you think with an ex-Irish coach and Gillette, we could, you know.....


Tyler Holmes was named for the second time as a member of the American College Football Association All-America Team.


Oklahoman sports columnist Berry Tramel ranks the college football jobs that came open.


The MAC won five bowl invitations.

Bowl payouts:

Ohio-Utah State---Famous Idaho Potato Bowl ($650,000)
Northern Illinois-Arkansas State- Bowl ($1,500,000)
Western Michigan-Purdue--Little Caesars Pizza Bowl ($1,500,000)
Temple-Wyoming--Gildan New Mexico Bowl ($912,500)
Toledo-Air Force-- Military Bowl ($2,000,000)


TSN previews the FCS quarterfinals---and predicts a Maine win.


The Richmond Spiders named former Liberty coach Danny Rocco as head coach.



Anonymous said...

frank; will you be at the press conference this afternoon?

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww

We like the hire of Coach Molnar.

Should bring an exciting, fast paced offense that will put up a lot of points. His offenses at C Michigan and Cincy were always putting up a lot of points and doing so with different QB's just about every year.

If we could get Marcel Shipp on the staff - maybe involving player development - that would be good as well.

Congrats to the search committee and the AD's offense on getting this done quickly and for making a good hire.

Games in the MAC are going to be high scoring shootouts - now about our defense. . . . . will have to wait n see there.

and with that

Have a Nice Day !

UMass74 said...

Ah, no. I have a conflict for today.

Hopefully, the athletic dept will do a video.

Anonymous said...

Frank - You should be all over the Athletic Department for this "super secret" press conference. No announcement on their home page, an email to fans that talks about the media getting credentials but no fan invitation, etc. Terrible!

Anonymous said...

The search committee must feel this guy will recruit. Coaching wise he's never been more than a position coach. Let's see who he hires as a staff, marcel would be a nice help in recruiting. Does he keep any current coaches on this years staff?

vetteson said...

The average MAC wins this season was 5.77. Rounded up to 6 then the average for the conference was 6-6 - 7-5 would then be a successfull season. But no BCS bid. Regarding the BCS, I see the "Big East" managed to cherry-pick all the better WAC, CUSA, and Mountain West teams to form the new "Big East" or should it be the CUSA++, or the "Big Vastness", or football's "Big Lebowski". Unbelievable.

matt said...

this is pretty unbelievable this school is trying to get people to buy season tickets and announce a hiring of a new coach yet the entire website is all messed up. How hard is this Umass come on if we think we are going to move up to big time football lets start getting it together this is ridiculous. I also cant figure out why they wouldnt invite current season tickets holders to come to this event makes no sense.

UMass74 said...

Website administration can be tough. Blogger, which is supposed to be easy, gives me fits sometimes.

They will redoubtably have a reception for the new coach and invite all.

Lets try to think happy thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Umass website needs to wake up, they are a disgrace. No info, no updates, no anything. I use your blog for everything. They are so far behind the ball they still have whipple as head coach. They need to find some kids and I'm sure there is plenty that will get that site going. Worst website of any school website I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Love the intensity & energy of this guy! If first impressions on worth anything I am sold.

Go Umass

Anonymous said...

I know I was upset withh UM web and lack of info but they made a late run and the presser was very good as oppossed to previous ones.
As for the coach, he appears to be intense and full of energy and considers this job a privilege to get! His base is only 250 over 5 years plus perks but it shows he truly is invested in making us successful! GO UMASS!!! Tom M

izy1 said...

Congrats to Tyler Holmes, you earned it.
And welcome to head Coach Molnar. Give it your best shot guys.
To all the naysayers and killjoys using the acronym of "anonymous", shut up.

UMass74 said...

Lots to talk about tomorrow.

Nolnar's base contract seems a very reasonable jump from Coach Brown's. Probably lot's of incentives in there.

Season tickets are up and Mrs. Blog has already wants Club seats for us.

Coach Molnar said he has run his offense with both pocket and mobile QB's, which should be good news for the guys we already have.

nes said...

This is a perfect fit.It will last until we reach our first 8-3 or 7-4 season and then be gone. In the meanwhile, crisp, smart football is on the horizon. Let's get those recruits!

Anonymous said...

Great hire by Richmond.

Anonymous said...

If the admin was not bufoons molnar would get more money. We are paying morris 200 grand the next two years to sit on his couch. Who gave him a 5 year deal? I'm happy with the hire he seems to have the intensity that don brown brought. He haven't seen much energy in the last three years. Hope molnar brings in 10 new coaches none of which were morris guys.