Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday--December 16, 2011

Matty V. reports that A.J.Doyle has verbaled to UMass. More on Doyle's move from the Herald.

More from Matty on Doyle.

ESPN says Molnar thinks Doyle can potentially complete for a starting spot right away.


Matty V also has Notre Dame graduate assistant Shane Waldon will likely join the UMass staff.

Head Coach Charlie Molnar is fielding a hundred calls a day.


Tyler Holmes was named to the Associated Press first team All-American.


Inside the Irish blog says plans for Molnar to stay with Notre Dame through their bowl game has changed.


UNH looks at a 2012 schedule that will not include UMass for the first time since 1952.


Liberty announced that they will investigate a move to FBS.


Former UMass assistant coach Jim Bradley (1998-2000) is rebuilding Monsignor Farrell HS on Staten Island.



Anonymous said...

Just saw this tweet by AJ Doyle,@doylerules153: "QB n I was told its my job to lose." Like the confidence, but can't imagine the other QB's will take that too lightly. But,the way I see it is if he's a little to slow and not that efficient we could always use him as a linebacker, now that our All-American is gone.(Optimistic Thinking)

Anonymous said...

Charlie brown could possibly start for umass at qb next year. I don't doubt coach molnar told him that. From what Pagel and hill did last year it's tough to see a new coach coming in and playing them in what is now a spread offense where the run will run the ball. Neither hill or Pagel can run.

Anonymous said...

Where did Molnar ever say he needs a QB that can run?