Friday, December 02, 2011

Friday--December 2, 2011

Blogger was down this morning. I could not get in even to moderate comments.


The faculty senate passes a resolution against the stadium upgrade. has another story.

Not great arguments from one faction of the facility. The Collegian has some illuminating quotes.

"And Sugerman, a lecturer of anthropology, also noted that while the football program’s budget will see a spike, some programs such as University Health Services have been cut back. This includes UHS’ recent cuts in hours and closure of its pharmacy."

Not even Enron's accountants could trace causality between the UMass infirmary and UMass football.

"Bogartz, a professor of psychology, said that the collegiate version of the sport was the “exploitation of student gladiators.”.

Man, I wish I had been athletic enough to play DI football and been exploited.

Mrs blog and I have traveled extensively in the US. States with widely different cultures support their state schools. Walk around Mississippi State, Washington State, Michigan State and others and look at the facilities. Then look at the New England land grant universities like URI, UMass and UNH. The campuses look like minimum security prisons. What would make the citizens of other states identify with their Universities? What could it be? What could it be?

Meanwhile, the Collegian also has an article lamenting the lack of UMass Pride. All the flagship state universities have a common thread-- a high level of involvement with their alumni, the state's citizens and the state's legislators. Maybe the blog's readers can see a link that the faculty can't.


Meanwhile back in the real world:

The Boston globe has UMass opens football HC search. This article mentions a new name: Mike Kruczek.

MassLive has a story on the search committee and the three former UMass players that are included.


MassLive  has a story on UMass meeting with Neal Brown.

Red has an article on Brown's meeting with UMass. Check out the comments. And you thought some of our commenters were nuts.


NESN has a story about James Ihedigbo's watching Patriots games when he was in UMass dorms.


Current UMass player Brian Dowling remembers a "miracle" high school game. Dowling played quite a bit as a true freshman for the Minutemen as a kick returner.



matt said...

what a joke these faculty members are why don't they go around and ask the student body how they feel about upgrading their football program I bet the overwhelming majority of them would be in support of this move. I mean lets be serious if a science building is updated that only helps a certain group of kids on campus but if we update our football facilities and bring the campus together that creates a Umass pride that is extremely lacking at this point in time. It is also crazy that this university can not seem to get any funding from this state when is the state going to start providing more funding for ancient facilities at this school not only in the academic area but in athletics!

vetteson said...

The actual effect of the Faculty Senate's decision will have no impact on the university's decision to upgrade the facilities. And before all the contributors (who use an adjective to identify themselves) make fun of the faculty, we were deceived about the university's subsidy of the improvements. I distinctly remember the chancellor stating the money would be raised through fund raising, not through fees and the general fund, which presently seems to be the case. Be mindfull that there is not a lot of support within the campus for the upgrade of football and most students coundn't care less, unless their fees go up, then watch out. I'm still no very enthusiastic about it, mostly because of my feelings about the MAC. Anyway, enjoy the MAC championship game tonight, you may one of a few thousand watching...

Anonymous said...

I would highly be against any coach that spent a season coaching the sacramento moutain lions. His career is on the decline. To me bicknell screams another kevin morris judging him on his credentials. Good line coach? They giants line is beyond bad this year. I like neal brown, he's up and coming. He has been successful and moved up the coaching profession because he is talented. He could be the urban meyer you never know. What I do know is bicknell is not the answer either is a ufl coach. I hope the committee does not pass on brown because he is a young coach.

Anonymous said...

Here is my recomendation to the ad. No bc guys! Can't stand boston college.

Anonymous said...

Brown's too young. Give him a few years.

I agree. Gotta spend money to make some ROI. FBS is an investment, and the academics think it's a waste. When UMass is televised nationally on ESPN, me thinks the percepton will begin to change.

Anonymous said...

Dear vettison, you are naive but i should equally assume you have probably spent your whole life in New England and have no idea what a big time football can do for the academics at umass let alone help build up school applications. Granted umass is entering the Mac(not my choice) but down south and across the rest of the country football has paid for top tier academics. Please spend more time watching chronicle and Yankee workshop then defending the less than 10 folks who held up signs protesting the investment in a new stadium.

Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly the faculty who complain are more the liberal arts ones. Those who, like football, don't generate money for the university. Or so they argue football doesn't. They think spending on athletics takes from them because they can't fend for themselves. You don't see the sciences complaining.