Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday before Delaware--Nov 10th, 2010

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The UMass Daily Collegian says UMass-Delaware is pivotal.

They also say Kyle Havens has reduced his turnovers.

Ron Chimelis says Tyler Holmes has been better than advertised.


Delaware backup QB Trevor Sasek looks to be available for the UMass game. Sasek has been used in the Hens red zone offense a lot this year.

Hens freshman RB sensation Andrew Pierce has been named the CAA rookie-of-the-week six times this year.

Delaware QB Pat Devlin has been named a Top Ten finalist for the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award.

Despite being #2, the Hens are only thinking of UMass.

Former UMass star Matt Lawrence has resumed practicing with the Ravens. BTW , he just got married last week.


This article mentions former Minuteman George Barnwell. He won three letters for the Minutemen (1983,1984 and was captain in 1985). Barnwell led UMass in rushing in 1984 going 196-931 4.8 yards/carry 3TD's.


This year's FCS National Championship game in Frisco TX will also have the first ever FCS Summit for division leagues and athletic directors.


The Richmond Times-Dispatch says URI's first trip to Richmond's new Robbins Stadium may be the Rams last.



vetteson said...

Fan commentary continues on. Yes, it's hard to get the students to come into the stadium. I was at the preseason basketball game against Brandeis and the student section had two, yes two, students sitting together near the front. UMass is a "commuter" school in many ways and the students typically do not include athletic events in their weekend schedule. This is why the kids who want to go to a big athletic school don't go to UMass (according to the Globe anyway). It's supposed to be a pretty good day and a turn out of 10,000 would be pretty good.

Anonymous said...

There were more students than that, they just didn't sit in the student seats because they were pushed back and there was 600 people there so they could sit in better seats. Just wait until the basketball game on Friday, you will see students.

Anonymous said...

Being a commuter school has nothing to do with going to athletic events.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought:
maybe if the PD started cracking down on the underage tailgaters there wouldn't be such a problem with the "drunk and stupid" and they'd park themselves inside McGirk to support their team.
What a pathetic lack of support and school pride from the student body.

John said...

UMass Amherst a commuter school? LOL

NOT being a commuter school is one of the reasons why Amherst is the flagship. Exactly what % of the student body are commuters???