Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday---Nov 28th, 2010

Mark Whipple has been fired as OC at the University of Miami as well as HC Randy Shannon.

Weren't the Hurricanes so short of QB's that they were playing a true freshman? It's a tough world in FBS coaching.


In the first round of the playoffs:

North Dakota State surges past Robert Morris.

Western Illinois is going to meet Appalachian State.

Georgia Souther ran over South Carolina State.

And Lehigh caged the Northern Iowa Panthers.


Meanwhile, four CAA teams are waiting.



TopUMassFan said...

Hi Frank,

Well, a week has passed since Winter set in so I'll share my thoughts on the future of UMass football.

As much as I'd like to see it, I think pigs will fly before "Whip" returns to McQuirk. I think "Vetteson" said it best with one word: continuity. Morris has only been HC for two years a.d has been playing with past HC's players, he deserves a chance to succeed or fail with his own. I think we have a good group of upperclassmen coming back and I'm excited to see how the sophomores and red-shirt freshmen from this year mature. Morris deserves that chance to play with "his" guys. Look at the CAA teams in the playoffs and you'll see their coaches all have longevity.

As far as moving to the MAC, I'm against it unless there is a strong possibility of jumping to the Big East within a few years and here's why: we can't fill McQuirk against true rivals like UNH or longtime nemesis Delaware; how can we expect to fill it against Toledo or Bowling Green? Travel expenses will be greater to play teams we have no history (or real interest) with. A move to the Big East atleast has rival UConn and teams like Syracuse, Pitt and West Virginia as close (actually closer) as the MAC.

Personally, I' d like to see UMass become the dominate team in the CAA (once more), make the playoffs for an extended streak and then consider the move. The FCS playoffs are MUCH more interesting than a second or third tier bowl game and they offer the chance of having additional home games. The path back to the promised land is is paved by making a game plan (Morris as coach) and sticking with it; not changing direction everytime an obstacle gets in the way.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing huge news coming for UMASS football very soon.

Anonymous said...

what is this news? You have nothing to lose by stating what you are hearing anonymously on the message board, so what is it. Unless you have nothing and are just trying to be a jerk, in which case get a life and find something better to do with your time. There are lots of sick children in this world who need help.

Anonymous said...

Whipple will make a great HC for a major FBS team. Jacori Harris was no top flight QB to begin with, and when he went down at the end of October, the writing was on the wall. The offense was overachieving much of the time to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Whipple back to UMASS!! Get him here, and lead the team back to the playoffs and a national championship like were capable of!

Anonymous said...

To the Umass football family.

Three summers ago my son Christian and I visited 13 football camps and combines to determined where he would become a student athelete. Umass was the last camp we attended. He had several offers from BCS and FCS schools. With me being a 25 year military man and West Point being his first offer we were really excited about that however after visiting with Coach Brown and the rest of the staff our entire family knew Umass was the correct place for him.

Fast forward 2 years later. Christian played in every game this past season as a redshirt freshman and made a few plays. The coaching staff have done a great job in developing him both on and off the field. Coach Butterworth and Coach Peak are two of the best young secondary coaches in the FCS.

My job do not allow me to make it to all of the games but thanks to all the wonderful peoples i have met there in the parents section i do not miss one play. Mike Lee Sr. and i have become really good friends and he is my play by play man when im not there.

In closing i want to thank all of the upperclassman for showing Christian the ropes and wish the departing seniors the best. Looking forward to a new season.

Go Umass!

SFC Carl Birt

Anonymous said...

If were going FBS, Whipple is available now...

Sorry TopUMassFan, I disagree with you regarding Morris. Morris was a continuation of Browns program, there should have been no down time for adjusting to Morris new system. Morris is a decent OC and QB coach, he is not a head coach. I'd say pull the trigger now instead of another year meandaring around. Unless of course, we are going FBS and it's not going to matter the next couple of years as we are going to take some lumps adjusting to FBS.

Anonymous said...

Morris is not the OC.