Saturday, November 20, 2010

Game Day Rhode Island--Nov 20th, 2010

Game Day at McGuirk

Click on  the image and Blogger displays a larger view. Let's hope next Saturday at McGuirk looks like this.


Matty V says its playoffs or bust for UMass.

Matty V and Matty G both pick the Minutemen in this week's game picks.


Rhode Island seniors will get their due.

The Rhody website says it is a senior class to remember.


CSN's Terrance Thomas picks the Rams to eliminate the Minutemen today.

The CAA's Game Day page is here.


Foster's Daily Democrat says UNH won't take Towson lightly.


The stakes are high when William & Mary hosts Richmond. UMass fans would like a Tribe victory to knock the Spiders out of the playoff hunt.

Ditto for the Delaware-Villanova game. The News-Journal says that game has CAA and national implications. A Wildcat loss would remove last year's national champions from this year's playoffs.


CSN's Chuck Burton predicts the 2010 FCS playoffs.


Today's Illinois-Northwestern game will have only one endzone.


National Championship game tickets are available.


I'm not ready for the season to end! Let's go Seniors! Let's go UMass!


Anonymous said...

sad ending for the seniors. going to miss watching anthony nelson, havens and griffin. I dont know what the future holds, the expectations from brandon hill are sky high. Morris is not getting fired even though he should. I could see the special teams and defensive coordinator fired though. our kicking this year was just pathetic, punting, field goals and kickoff. defense couldnt stop anyone despite the best player in the CAA if not all of FCS.

Anonymous said...

time to replace dudzinksi as the d coordinator, hes not up for the job. Overall this was one of the poorest umass defenses in a while, 8th overall d in the caa is not umass football. Needed one stop to get into the fcs playoffs aginast a sub .500 rhode island team and we couldnt do it. we had 14 takeaways the entire year, thats un heard of. I refuse to believe we dont have the talent, I dont think the players respect dudzinski like they did Brown. Whipple let him go a few years ago, I think morris will be forced to do the same.

TopUMassFan said...

Not what we hoped for. I think we should all take a few days to consider our thoughts on this season.

Before we throw everyone or anyone under the bus, let's acknowledge that URI was fired up and played well in all three phases of the game. Today, Rhody earned the win.

I'm as disappointed as the next fan but will hold off on criticism under the passing of time has tempered my words.

UMass74 said...

Well said. Remember everyone was picking UMass eighth in the CAA. We came withing three minutes of making the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

the richmond game did it for me with the defensive playcalling. we let a 3 string qb who didnt complete a pass the entire game drive the field with a minute and change for the win. To me thats on the defensive coaching staff. today as well.

Anonymous said...

The Richmond game? where the offense was in the red zone 7 times and came away with zero points. Cmon guys cool it with blaming Dudzinski. He has a VERY YOUNG group of guys. If you noticed, most of the hofstra notherastern transfers were offensive players. We have to ask our head coach (who by the way is a offensive mind) Why don't you scholarship more defensive transfers. Those kids play had for Coach Dudz, they love and respect him. Look at all the games and the future. Tyler Holmes is only one player, he can't do it all.

Anonymous said...

Every football fan knows the offense isnt going to be dynamic every week and the defense needs to step up and make a play or stop! It didnt happen in the Richmond game, enough said. Richmond was also had one of the best defenses in the league this year.
Wasnt Mele, Flanagan, Mcglaughlan,Bailey seniors? Holmes, Veverios, Thompson,Jackson juniors? thats 8 upper classmen.