Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Former UMass star Jeromy Miles has been moved to the active roster for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Official Bengals notice here.

Matty V has a story about Miles here. BTW, the Bengals play at 8:20 tonight.


This article mentions UMass brothers Ryan Carter and Woody Carter IV.


The CAA has it's weekly press release up.


TSN has an article about "20 playoff teams, 20 indispensable players".


The Blog and Mrs Blog wish all UMass coaches, players, parents,fans and blog community a happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

There was talk yesterday about joining the MAC or the Big East. We dont have the football facilities to join the BE. We can and should the MAC while we upgrade our facilities and incrementily add men and womans scholarships. The BE is unrealistic. Once we have a FBS progam the BE will become a goal. We can follow the Temple footprint.

TopUMassFan said...

Hi Frank,

Many thanks to you for again providing me with a daily stream of all-things Minutemen football this season. My best wishes to both you and Mrs. Blog on this Thanksgiving Day. Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

There is a Herald article and video about Lance Burlingame of New Bedford and interest from Umass. I thought I would pass it along.

UMass74 said...

Thanks, I saw it. However, there was no certainty that I caught it,so thanks for taking the time to bring it to my attention.

vetteson said...

Once again I have to argue against joining the MAC. The average attendance for teams in the league is the same as UMass currently gets, occasionally higher, sometimes much lower. Temple started out in the Big East and was so terrible for so many years they were kicked out and had to join the MAC. The "Eastern Division" would have to give up a team to accomodate UMass, most likely a western Ohio team. We would be playing in dreary rust-belt venues like Akron in front of no one, Buffalo, yawn, Temple, again in front of no one, maybe Bowling Green (do they bowl there?). We would have to be hammered by two or three Big 10 teams a year to get our millions. And lastly, and seemingly always, UMass will never pay for the upgrades, especially facing an 8% budget cut.