Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tuesday before Delaware--Nov 9th, 2010

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Ron Chimelis says UMass' next opponent is either #1 or #2 (there's a pun in there somewhere) depending on the source.

Kyle Havens dad agrees: fear the beard.


UMass is #13 in the FCS Coaches Poll.

The Minutemen are #14 in TSN's Poll.

Tyler Holmes was TSN's national FCS co-defensive player-of-the-week. I believe that's the first time this year that a UMass player has won a TSN weekly award.


The CAA's weekly press release.

Meanwhile, the Rhody Rams are getting better every week.


CSI New Hampshire.

Hey buddy, you interested in a hot stripper's pole?


Anonymous said...

UMass is #13 in the coaches poll.

Scott said...

Wow the minuteman looks so clean and fresh compared to how I remember him (nasty dirty and old - 97-00)!

Hopefully the Delaware game will be a good one!

hampfan said...

i know it will never work, but if the pd could sweep the northeast area of students maybe we could have them till the half. there were plenty out there last week but never made it in. what a shame.

Anonymous said...

sneak a keg inside the stadium then these students will show

Brooks Rownd said...

That Minuteman needs to get more Sun!