Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday before Rhode Island--Nov 15th, 2010

Image above is a scan from Saturday's game program. Click on the image and Blogger displays a larger view.

Ticketmaster still has UMass@ Rhode Island tickets available. I ordered mine last night. Any one else going? How about a carload of UMMB bandos drive down to Kingston to make some pro-Minutemen noise at the game?


The Boston Herald says UNH shakes up the playoff picture (talks about UMass too)

Matty V does an exhaustive parsing of UMass' chances for the playoffs. He also has three stars from the Delaware game.

Matty also talks about the kicking woes of Caleb Violette in Saturday's game.


TSN's Craig Halley also talks playoff permutations in his "In the FCS Huddle" column "Will the Bubble burst for your team?"

The Daily Press looks at the crowded CAA playoff picture.


Keepers College Football ratings has UMass at #18. He also has UMass by a slim 3.67 over Rhode Island. He also has Delaware over Villanova and William & Mary over Richmond.

The Dunkle Sports Index has UMass third among the numerous 6-4 CAA teams.


Rhode Island's Matt Hansen (6-1 230 SR) broke the Rams career tackles record last week at Richmond and now has 395 going into the UMass game.


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Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww Sec 16

As for the Del game - cannot go and miss 3 FG's and kick the ball out of bounds which gives great field position to a team as good as this one.

The offense moved the ball well but has to get points when the chances come up. WAY TOO many missed chances this past week and it kept Del alive.

Return game was good and the defense at times did well but needs to be more consistent and really needs to squeeze the QB.

As for this week it is easy to understand - Win and we should be in the playoffs. Even still w/ so many conference possible playoff teams alive someone could very well get left out w/ a 7-4 record.

We win and Su is intersting. We don't win and that would stink since this team should be in the playoffs.

Hope to see as many UMass fans as possible at Meade on Saturday.

No predictions coming from the Top Roww this week all we want is a win and a playoff berth.