Saturday, November 27, 2010

Recruiting 2011---A.J. Price

image by Kevin McGuire/Philly Inquirer
UMass has offered to A.J. Price a 6-4 185 pd WR from Dean College in MA. profile page here.

Price was the receiving leader at Dean with: 8 games  23-605  26.3 AVE  7 TD  87 Long  75.6 yards/game.

Price did a short stint at Penn State.

Price also holds an offer from Bowling Green and has interest from numerous FBS teams.


Anonymous said...

whipple out in miami. can we get him back?

Anonymous said...

Why do you want him back? Offense is already best in the League.

Anonymous said...

what a great idea you bring back a loser coach at miami to team up with a loser head coach the team would have morris , whipple and dudzinski sounds like a winning trio to me

Anonymous said...

no whipple comes back as the head coach, you know the guy who led us to the natl title and playoffs every year. not his fault jacory harris got injured.

Anonymous said...

yeah whipple is such a loser 1AA national champion head coach and super bowl champion qb coach for ben roethlisberger. He also made jacory harris a good qb from a sturggling qb. some people who comment know absolutely nothing about football, but since their voice is anonymous they feel they have the need to speak even when all they know is ignorance. By the way Frank happy thanksgiving, and you do a great job with the blog.

Anonymous said...

Playoffs every year? not true! Know your facts before you talk. 2001 under Whipple 3-8 no playoffs. Also 2000 and 2002 they did not make playoffs. So whats that 3 of his years he didnt make it?
Nobody said anything when Coen was hurt his whole senior year?
So what Harris got hurt! Its the U, they should have 5 qbs behind him chomping at the bit! How that for facts!?

Anonymous said...

really , than why fire whipple and not make him head coach at miami.
there are plenty of teams that could use a really good head coach
at the D1 level lets see where he ends up.and if i am not mistaken didnt you sign anonymous also.with out calling names since frank wont print it. your not to swift

Anonymous said...

Frank this article says no assistant coaches at Miami were fired;_ylt=As0semQVYeP5Ug6rLzwg3hIcvrYF?slug=ap-miami-shannonfired

UMass74 said...

Above link

The Hurricanes press conference also does not mention Whipple being fired.

Anonymous said...

The article mentions: "

On whether he sees a potential issue with Mark Whipple coaching under Jeff Stoutland...
Not at all. Coach Whipple expressed his support for Coach Stoutland this morning. There will be no issue as we go in the month of December with that."

If Stoutland is retained as HC then Whipple may remain in his role as OC; if someone from the outside is brought in, then he will more than likely bring in a new staff.

I'm guessing that Whipple will be gone and off to greener pastures in the next six months, most likley as a HC.