Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Recruiting 2011--Trae Weathers

UMass is interested in Trae Weathers a 6-1 215 pd RB/LB from Revere, MA. has the story here.

ESPN player profile here. ESPN player page here.

Also receiving interest from UNH, Boston College and Bryant.

A Brendon Hall/ESPN Boston image.


vetteson said...

I certainly hope it is not true: UMass going to the MAC. Let's say it's true. UMass will have to upgrade -- why am I talking about it! The MAC is worse than the CAA! A dead end confrence, no body goes to their games. A few meaningless "Apollo Pizza" bowls. It makes no sense. AAArgh! Please don't post such rumors!

Happy Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

any chance whipple comes back?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Sean Unterkoefler?

Anonymous said...

I would say that it would be unlikely for the MAC; id UMass did make the change, it would most likely be to the Big East, moslty due to geographical considerations. But with URI moving in two seasons, the cost of travel in the CAA will be expensive. Why not move to the Big East or the MAC if only for a few years, assuming the build-out of McGuirk would be approved? The MAC also plays on Thursdays, and if one considers how many times UConn was televised by ESPN last season (three, I think), due to geographical proximity, then UMass could certainly benefit from the televised games.

Anonymous said...

I looked for Unterkoefler as a transfer to another program. No luck.

Anonymous said...
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UMass74 said...

Joining the MAC would be a big financial boost for UMass athletics.

UMass got $350,000 for playing Michigan.
Bowling Green got $1.1 million. And note that that was real money, not accounting dollars.

When Hofstra dropped football, they had about $850,000 to apply to other program. That represents the actual out-of-pocket expenses of running the program. The $3 to $4 million expense you see published are accounting dollars that include the "cost" of scholarships, which the university does not actually have to write a check for.

If we joined the MAC and played a Big Ten team and a SEC team OOC, UMass would bring in about $2.5 million in real dollars, which would pay for the real costs of running the program. Plus the MAC has a TV contract, which plays them not the other way around as in the CAA.

The Big East would be an even better deal.

Anonymous said...

It's not our choice to join the BE. The possibilities of UMass getting an invite to join the BE this time around are minimal. But who knows. It is not likely but if Nova decides not to join the BE the scenario is: TCU has already said no, UCF has to stay in the CUSA for all its other sports, the BE does not necessarily want Memphis or Houston, this leaves the possibility of UMass and Temple being invited to join the BE. Unlikely put possible and would happen for the next fb season.

The more likely is scenario is UMass temporarily moving to the MAC and when the BE implodes UMass joining the new conference as a full member for all sports. Mind boggling but imagine some of our bball matchups, Pitino at the Mullins, Huggins, Pitt number 4 in the country. Oh well, nice to dream, Happy Thanksgiving to all and hope everyone has time to reflect on this time toghether with their family and friends. Go UMass to 1A.