Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday after Delaware--Nov 14th, 2010

The Boston Globe says the Delaware drubbed the Minutemen.

The Philadelphia Inquirer says Devlin was on target.

The Worcester Telegram says Griffin was stellar, but UMass falls.

MassLive said the UMass offense was good, but not good enough.

The News Journal said the Hens are on their way to #1.

Matty Vautour says the Minutemen face a must win game at Rhode Island next Saturday.


In the CAA:

New Hampshire beat Villanova. Also: UNH win puts Villanova in desperate spot.

James Madison upset William & Mary. Also: JMU topples #1 William & Mary.

Richmond beat Rhode Island.

Maine Beat Towson.

In strength-of-schedule:

Holy Cross beat Lafayette to go 5-5 overall and 2-2 in the Patriot League.

Michigan beat Purdue to go 7-3

Stony Brook crushed Gardner-Webb to go 5-0 in the Big South. Also: Stony Brook one win from auto-bid.


That leaves four teams in the CAA tied at 6-4 overall and 4-3 in the CAA.

Team CAA Overall
Delaware 6-1 9-1
William & Mary 5-2 7-3
Massachusetts 4-3 6-4
New Hampshire 4-3 6-4
Richmond 4-3 6-4
Villanova 4-3 6-4
Maine 3-4 4-6
Rhode Island 3-4 4-6
James Madison 2-5 5-5
Towson 0-7 1-9


Next Week:

JMU @ Maine (hope for a Black Bear upset)

UMass @ Rhode Island (need a win or nothing else matters)

Villanova @ Delaware (hope for a Hens win)

Richmond @ William & Mary (hope for a Tribe win)

Towson @ UNH (not worth talking about)



Anonymous said...

You cant miss 3 easy chip shot field goals in the first half against a team like the blue hens and expect to win. Thats was awful. they were forced to go on 4th down after that everytime, changed the game. Need to recruit a kicker next year period. Anthony Nelson is special to watch gonna miss him.

TopUMassFan said...

Tough loss yesterday. Game was there for the taking in first half but having three drive end with no points killed us. Not saying refs called a bad game but the pass interference call on 3rd down was brutal; game was still in reach and a stop there would have been a huge boost. Instead, Delaware get a first down and scores shortly thereafter. Game effectively over at that point.

On to Kingston and hopefully a win! If we get in, would a first round game between UM & UNH be possible? I know committee likes to limit travel and both teams would be playing in the first round.

Will save some criticisms and questions for later in the week. For now, good effort against an opponent that ALWAYS gives us trouble and let's hope the players realise the playoffs are still within their grasp. Let's get a BIG win at Rhody at hope we get some help within the conference.

Anonymous said...

The outcome of the JMU/Maine game does not matter. Both are out of the playoff picture.

Anonymous said...

kicking was awful, I could have done that and Im 40 and out of shape.

Anonymous said...

Kicking (FG/XP) is a lot harder then it looks. Doubt most people could get it more then 5 feet off the ground.

Anonymous said...

Understand UD was running a no huddle-but rotating linemen and LB's left them gassed/I mean seriously watching them run on and off the field -no wonder we had no pressure on Devlin
I asked that ref after the game how he could throw a flag from 40yrds away-he had no comment

Anonymous said...

You think they were gassed from rotating in and out of the game??? Imagine if they had to stay in the game the entire time. You do know there are different defensive formations and packages that require different personnel, right?

Anonymous said...

Is not as easy as it might look kicking FG, that is why this guys get scholarships. With that said i think we have been spoiled at UMass because we have had great kicker/punters in the past 5-6 years.