Saturday, November 06, 2010

Holmes, Talley wreck the Black Bears

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OK, now that was a day at McGuirk that would have made George N. Parks proud. The weird, sad atmosphere of Homecoming was totally gone. Lots of good things and lots of energy happening in Amherst today.

First, the UMass Police were directing traffic and access to the Yellow and Green lots were much improved. Thank you UMass Police.

The Announcer Guy, except for a tendency to have John Griffin making the tackle instead of running the ball, had a much better game.

The UMass Band Day was superb as usual. George would have been especially proud of that.

The UMass Media Dept should start beating the drums for Tyler Holmes as a Buchanan Award finalist. If there's another LB in FCS that has as much impact on a game as Tyler, I'd like to see him.

And Julian Talley, took a wicked pop on a pass reception and bounced up to tell the Maine defenders "You can't hurt me!" and then proved it a couple plays later with a circus catch.

UMass write-up with notes, video and photo gallery.

Maine writeup here.


If you missed it, Rhode Island had the CAA upset of the season by topping Villanova 17-14.


More tomorrow. Enjoy the day and the win everyone.


izy said...

What a game that was to watch (on UMASS did a good job mixing up plays and threw Maine off. That is the stuff they need to do to stay in it (especially against upcoming Delaware game).Too bad the clock ran short on that 3rd qtr last second line changeup, that would have been a nice to watch play out. There were many stand out plays from Havens,Holmes,Griffen and Sheeren but the defense and special teams were awesome (bar a few bad punts). UMASS pulled off some real nice turnovers when they really counted. The team really played as a team in this one. GO UMASS

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments about the parking and the announcer. Now, if the event staff would just keep folks with general admission tickets out of the season ticket-holder seats! There is absolutely no checking of tickets going on by event staff and there hasn't been for a few years. For the umpteenth time, I had to kick someone out of my seats yesterday. It is annoying for me and embarassing for the general admission people who decide to choose my seats. I did not receive any argument this time from the folks sitting there, but I have had arguments from some people who left angry and in a huff after I threatened to get the event staff to help them move. I have notified the athletic director in the past and it looks like I may do that again.