Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday before Delaware--Nov 8th, 2010

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The UMass Daily Collegian said Kyle Havens led UMass over Maine.

They also said defensive stops were a key to the victory.


Tyler Holmes was named National Defensive player-of-the-week by College Performance Awards. Kyle Havens was honorable mention QB of the week and Ryan Carter was named kick returner of the week. Whew! UMass writeup here.


Delaware picked up one vote in the AP College football poll.

Delaware Online's Kevin Tresolini says the Hens current eight wins puts them in the playoffs. With one of Delaware's wins a victory over a DII school, the blog is not certain of that.

TSN's Craig Haley feels Delaware's K.C. Keeler is one of the favorites for the Eddie Robinson Award (Top Coach in FCS).


Somethings-got-to-give dept: UMass leads the CAA in total offense 3,614 yards 27 TD's 401.6 yards/game; Delaware is #1 in total defense 2,231 yards 7 TD's 247.9 yards/game. Latest CAA stats here.

BTW, the Hens Andrew Pierce leads the CAA in rushing with 195-1014 5.2 AVE 12 TD 112.7 yards/game. Stopping Pierce will be the UMass defense's top priority.


Keepers College Football rankings have Delaware as #1 and UMass as #14.

He has the Hens by 10.24 over the Minutemen.

The Dunkle Sports Index has the Hens as #2 and UMass as #10.

The College Coaches FCS Poll and TSN's poll won't be out until later today.


Heck, any football fan could have told them that.

Beer lubricated the rise of civilization.



Anonymous said...

this is a playoff game for umass this weekend. can the fans show up to a game and support the school instead of drinking in their rooms? school support for the football team has been sub par this season minus that boozefest at gillette.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's any question as to Tyler Holmes playing on Sundays. Probably, though, he'll moved to safety.

vetteson said...

We live to fight another day. I really think we need to win out, especially since so many CAA teams are on the fence. Rhode Island stepped up a lot by beating Villanova. There's a lot of parity. Weather may be the major factor in the remaining two games (for everyone). Delaware is clearly beatable, but UMass will need 60 minutes of error free football.

Joe said...

for a commentor earlier about people sitting in his season ticket seats. no one has any clue where season ticket holder's seats are. they are metal benches, not individual seats. writing to the AD isn't going to do much. if you don't like it that much, open your checkbook and make a large donation to replace the benches with actual seats.

otherwise, the team looked great. let's talk about that and not people sitting in your seats.

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww Sec 16

Good to see our team play pretty well and get the win.

We thought our run game was working very well and our passing game was really on. Special teams did well and the defense did well.

Our only critique is about penalties. We are not sure when we have seen a team score and then receive so many penalties that they kick off from their own 7 yd line. To hold the receiving team to a FG was pretty good.

Playing Delaware will be a tough game. It is hoped that we will have a better student body turnout for this weeks game. Having played at Delaware and been in the stands as a fan later on it is pretty well understood that their fans are supportive. To think that they will bring 2-4,000 fans to this weeks game is not unreasonable. They also usually bring their band (who is pretty good but not as good as ours) along with cheer leaders.

Delaware seems ot be back to where they were about 5 yrs ago. How long will this last is to be figured out.

Playing at home, w/ good support and a pretty healthy team should mean we can do well.

Early week prediction - They will do their best to stop the run and we will have to pass to get our scores. Hello Major Tony Nelson. Defense will have to play like they did against William n Mary. Specials will have to play like they have the last few games.

UMass 23 Delaware 19

Anonymous said...

Fear the beard, man...don't shave that beard Kyle...6-1 with the beard, 0-2 without it...hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Shame on the students and administration,if they can't fill McGuirk this Saturday. #1 vs. #14. Playoff bid guaranteed with a win. I say make it WMASS day inviting everyone for a buck. Or guys day for 5 bucks(includes one beer). Try something please. Opening up the gates at 11 saturday, will not work.

Anonymous said...

maybe its better nobody shows up. We have been better as the under the radar team then when the spotlight is on. Our two worst games were against unh and richmond both huge umass crowds.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing to "try". Just show up.