Saturday, November 13, 2010

Efficient Hens, UMass mistakes stymie the Minutemen

On the long drive back to New Hampshire I changed my mind about this game. I can't be in a bad mood when my Minutemen played a spirited game against the #1 team in the nation.

The UMass offense pushed the vaunted Delaware defense all over the field all day. The UMass players were into the game and played hard. Today was totally unlike Richmond or UNH.

Anthony Nelson had a monster day with 250 total yards.

We just made WAY too many mistakes to beat a team as good as Delaware.

UMass scored 27 points and made five other drives to the Hens 30 yard line or better. We missed three field goals. We muffed a snap. We threw an interception in the endzone.

In addition, we shanked another kickoff to give Devlin a short field.

UMass also came up short on a couple of officiating calls. A pass interference call from a official thirty yards away from the play kept a Hens drive alive.

I thought one of the UMass safeties was held on the up-the-middle run by Delaware RB David Hayes for a TD.

We're still in the playoffs if we beat the Rams next week. We knew beating Delaware was going to be tough. Everyone needs to keep playing and good things will happen next week.


From the UMass post game notes:

Saturday's crowd was 10,057, which gave UMass a regular-season home average attendance of 13,004. That is the second-highest average attendance in UMass history, second only to the 1999 season (14,684).


UMass video, post game notes, and box score.

Delaware writeup here.


I'll be in Kingston next week and I'll have more on the Delaware game tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Anthony Nelson-class act and great player. Only question why did you just become our returner last week. #16 likes to catch the ball,think for a couple of seconds and then run sideways. Uggggg

Anonymous said...

give credit to the delaware offensive line. they did an excellent job protecting the quarterback, stretching the defense by widening the splits
(distance between center to guard and guard to tackle) and wearing down the minutemen defense by sustaining long drives in the second half.

MinuteFan said...

I don't believe its as simple as win next week at URI and UMass is in the playoffs. They are going to need some help. The committee may take 4 or even possibly 5 CAA teams, but there are 6 who are still alive and they won't take all6.
Delaware is in. When (not if) UNH beats Towson, they will be 7-4 and have to get in ahead of UMass based on their convincing head to head win. If Villanova beats Delaware, they will have 4 losses and I think being defending National Champs will count for something and get them in. If Richmond beats W&M, they will get a bid ahead of UMass based on 4 losses and a head-to-head win over the Minutemen. That's 4 teams right there. The Xfactor would be W&M. They have 4 losses and UMass beat them, but I don't trust that one. That win was in week 1 and W&M has been ranked ahead of UMass ever since. Since when has UMass ever gotten the benefit of the doubt from that selection committee?
I think we need to beat URI (no easy task), hope that W&M beats Richmond (knocking the Spiders out) and Delaware beat Villanova, which would give 'Nova 5 losses and knock them out. Unfortunately, even though that is a big rivlary game, 'Nova will be playing for their lives while Delaware doesn't really need it.
All that said, we are still alive and I for one think that UMass has been a better team than I thought they would be going into the season. I agree with you Frank, no disgrace in losing yesterday. It was frustrating at times, but Delaware was the better team. We could not stop them, and they had only slightly better success stopping UMass.
GO UMass!
Go Delaware!
Go W&M!

izy said...

You hit everything on target in this section.
It was a good game to watch and UMASS should have scored better than they did based on the way they played, and they did play hard. UMASS defense had problems against the spread out O-Line and Delaware ran right up the middle every time. They also managed quite a few fake handoffs that also threw UMASS off. Missing 9 points by Caleb(one going UNDER the bar??)didn't help either. All in all, I think UMASS played some of the best ball they had all year. Nelson is a monster, he's fast and he reads the field better than anyone. Kyle did very well again, and the same needs to be said for Hernandez,Sheeren, Griffin and Talley. They need to play just as hard(or harder)next week. Get a win and a bracket spot to the playoffs. This team is VERY under rated.GO UMASS.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of you did not attend the game yesterday-but I did.
This team at times,including yesterday make me think I am watching a high school team.
This was the 10th game of the season
Penalties/a Senior QB who does not know where the 1st down marker is/or when the play clock is running out/A short kickoff to start 2nd half and a 15yrd penalty to give UD the ball in Umass territory/a kickoff that goes out of bounds for the umpteenth time this yr/no pressure on a QB who we should have been hammering every time he dropped back
So much for the payback