Saturday, November 20, 2010

UMass comes up just short in Kingston

UMass came up just short against the Rams in Kingston. The UMass defense, playing without both starting safeties, gave up 17 points in the fourth quarter. Darren Thellen and Shane Viveiros would have made a difference, but UMass was just shy of being a playoff team all year.

We made some errors in the game. We had a punt blocked. Caleb Violette missed a field goal, although in his defense, as a friend pointed out, Violette is really a punter, not a field goal kicker.

We had a bunch of penalties in the first half. In the second, we gave up a couple of big returns.

Maybe it would not have made any difference. Villanova upset Delaware in overtime. That knocks the Hens out of the CAA championship, out of #1 and out of the #1 seed. It also puts William & Mary as the top ranked CAA team. The Hens would be #2. UNH would probably be ranked ahead of Villanova.

So UMass, even with a victory, would have been the #5 CAA team. We would have been waiting until tomorrow morning to find out if the committee would have granted the CAA five slots in the playoffs.

I listened to the Richmond-William & Mary game on satellite on the way home. Unlike UMass, there was no drama in that game as the Tribe thumped the Spiders 41-3.

UMass write-up on the game here.

Rhody write up here.

287 days until UMass opens the 2011 season. Go UMass!


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your optimism, but, after this season and last season I am having an increasingly difficult time convincing myself to make the 150 mile round trip from my home to campus to watch what Kevin Morris is putting on the field. I am just a fan but I know what I see and I don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Frank-stop with the excuses-we are what we are. Not a good team. Watching a train wreck is never fun, but none the less interesting. I have it on good authority that two big things are happening-one in December, one in January. Both will be very good for UMASS and UMASS football.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have expressed it any better. Even with the win we would have come up short. I enjoy reading your football blog very much.

izy said...

Well, it was quite a season.
No sense in shooting a dead horse in here.
Good blog Frank, look forward to next season-have a good holiday.

Anonymous said...

Morris has had 2 seasons as head man...that is enough. Way too much talent to be a .500 team over 2 years. The coaching staff has to shoulder the responsibility here. Players are accountable, but the pattern keeps repeating it's self here.
Morris is a better OC and QB coach than a HC. Writing is on the wall. Thanks for your efforts Coach, but its time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have to stop the rationale that we were picked 8th in the CAA.
Morris was handed "gifts" from Hofstra and Northeastern that people overlooked! Sad for them and the seniors that we have unskilled labor running things!

Anonymous said...

Let me say this..the team was a good team. Alot of talent. Unfortunately the coaching staff sucked, and did not use the players to their abilities. Sure hope next year will see ALOT of changes.

Anonymous said...

new coaches...end of story! too much talent for what to have happened this year!