Thursday, November 20, 2008

Senior Day is Saturday

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Saturday will be the last game for the UMass seniors. Let's turn out for the game and give them a big send off.

Five years of football practices and lifting weights. Five year of running conditioning drills like I talked about when I visited the field in August to check on the lighting project.

Remember Courtney Robinson's interception against Montana .

Remember George Byrd's blocked punt for a TD against Army.

Remember when Liam Coen came in against Colgate in the fourth quarter and led an amazing comeback ?

This Blog has lots of memories of the last five years. It's been a great time for UMass football and the seniors were a big part of it.

Put on the thermal long johns Saturday and come to the game to watch the seniors become the winningest class ever!


Anonymous said...

We'll be there with our thermals on for sure. We all need to support our team, win or lose.

Anonymous said...

we will be there for sure, look for the white tents at the south end of the stadium. stop by for some food . go umass!

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the Tim Day meltdown about 5-6 yrs ago against Hofstra-which kept Umass from the playoffs?? As I remember it-all he had to due was run out the clock-instead he threw a pass and it was picked and Hofstra won at end or in OT
The Hofstra QB shredded the Umass secondary that day big time-Believe he made the big show for a short time
Appreciate any other recollections of that day
Go Warren Wilson

Anonymous said...

Can you start your posts by talking about Wilson so I don't have to bother reading your other junk. I don't want to read a few sentences and realize its from someone who knows nothing.

Anonymous said...

start the seniors but play the underclassmen!!It's time to see who has what,and who can't play at this level.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow's game should be ALL about the seniors. They ALL should start and finish most likely their LAST football game.

minutefan said...

Agree with starting and playing all of the seniors. This is not pro football. These kids play for love of the game, they are not going to the NFL. They have given their all and taken their lumps for four years. They deserve a shot at going out a winner this Saturday. Next year is next year.

I remember the Hofstra game in question. UMass had a chance at a chip shot FG to tie and send it to OT with no timeouts left. Whipple decided to try one more play to win it in regulation before settling for the FG. If the play was not open, Day was supposed to throw it away. Above all, he could not get sacked, as we had no timeouts left. Of course, Tim never did learn how to quit on a play, so he scrambled around and got sacked. Game over. I put that one squarely on Whipple. After a full season with Day as his QB, he had to know that the potential for disaster there was high. Also remember we had no answer for Marques Colston all day, but neither do most NFL defenses today.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the opening series should be all the seniors! Every senior should have a chance to start one game after putting in five years for us.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get some pictures of the seniors who haven't started or played a lot this year. They never get any recognition and even more so if they play on the O or D line. Hell, even the starters on the O or D line rarely receive any recognition or have pictures taken although this blog has done some but not with the guys who don't start.