Saturday, November 08, 2008

Playing for Pride

Well, UMass' 2008 quest for the playoffs ended in the rain at McGuirk. Hopefully, we will play with pride in the last two game and send the seniors out winners.

This game went bad right at the start. You would think that Maine's All-American DE Jovan Belcher would be the one player UMass would be pointing to on every play. He went flying in untouched on the first play and hit Coen. The hit seemed to hurt Liam, who has been playing with what has been described as a shoulder or elbow injury. Or maybe it's both. He was inaccurate for the rest of the game. There were four interceptions, but there could have been six. One of whom was a sure six points.

Then on the next play, Ben Coblyn got hurt and was on the field for a long time. Those first two plays took all the air out of the offense in the first half. For some reason, when Maine plays a slow-down offense and we do the same. We were slow in the huddle and slow getting plays in. In the second half, we picked up the tempo and moved the ball.

The defense played well enought to win. We had a couple of stops late in the game. The Black Bears ran the ball, but that's what they do.

Let's get after UNH next week. As I have said before, win or lose, Go UMass!

UMass write-up here .

Black Bear's write-up here .

Jeff Thomas has an article on the loss here .

I'll be back tomorrow with more stories and a web album.


Anonymous said...

Wish list for next year. Do'ers not talkers. Defensive linemen.Linebackers who can tackle. Punt returner,who can catch and run. This years team was just a little off,maybe not enough good players. Was recruiting set back by the playoff runs of the last two years. Success is good-but coaches are busy coaching in December,not recruiting.

Anonymous said...

There's no better recruiting tool than to be on National TV for the semis and finals like in 2006!

Anonymous said...

We didnt throw any screen passes except for 1 to Horne for a TD of 50+ yds. and 1 to Cruz for 13 yds. And we usually throw alot of them

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?/ That was about as poor a 1st half of football I have seen in a long time
Go back to my comments about the Richmond game to start
1. THE TRENCHES- shit kicked out of them again
2. How many offsides penalties? 5 I think-Was this not the 10th Game of the season?
3.You have a TV timeout and then Umass immediately calls a Timeout?? Again -Are you kidding me??
4.Secondary having to make tackle after tackle in 1st half-( Go back to point #1 for reference)

My wish list for next year
1.Octavious Hawkins running the option and throwing to Warren Wilson
2.A kicker who can kick the ball into the endzone or at least the 10 yrd line on a consistant basis
3. Someone besides Jennings and Ellis who hits someone

I'm sure there is lots more but don't want to be to greedy

Anonymous said...

Saying you want Wilson just makes you look like a complete fool.

minutefan said...

I have to respectfuly disagree with the assessment that the defense played well enough to win. When you give up 296 yards rushing and over 40 mins. time of possession, you lose every single time. This team cannot stop any type of rushing attack from a good opponent, and are the worst tackling tean I have seen in 37 years of watching UMass football. Not to pile on about can't expect a playoff team every year, just the facts.

One issue with a coaching decision in that game as well. At midfield with 50 seconds to go in the half down 14-0, you go for it on 4th and 5. There was no risk. If you don't make it, Maine was NEVER going to score in under a minute with that offense. They absolutely would have knelt down and gone to halftime.

Now let's accomplish the only goal left.....spoil the playoff dreams of UNH and wait until 2009. And give a great senior class a proper sendoff.


Anonymous said...

its simple.......stop the run......

on offense......use your fullback..he may be the best in America....!!!!!!!