Wednesday, July 09, 2008

McGuirk lighting project

I made a quick run to McGuirk during a family obligation on Monday July 7th and checked on the McGuirk lighting project.

There is a short (nine image) Picassa web album here of the images I took during my visit. I'll also add a link in "2008 images' section of the sidebar.

I did not have my notepad with me so any errors in this blog post are totally my fault not the lighting company or the athletic dept.

If I understood correctly what the workers were telling me, there will be eight 110 foot light towers. Two behind each section of stadium seating and two behind each endzone.

The workers described the installation as similar to a project they had done at Springfield College.

They said the eight light towers will put a lot of light on the field.

They were also installing auxiliary lighting for the exits (fire laws require lighted exits) and that's where some of the additional cost occurs above and beyond just the light towers.

Also, some of the UMass players were running wind sprints in the stadium. The temperature was about 89 degrees and it was one of those oppressive humidity days in the valley. There was just no air at all. The players were encouraging each other and they were still at it when I left.

UPDATE I: The UMass athletic site has an article here . The lights are up!. I did get one thing wrong in the post above. There will be three sets of lights per side not four. So the total will be six banks of lights.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information about the lights. We have been waiting for 40 years. Has the Connecticut river parted :)

Anonymous said...

How will the location of the towers impact the stadium expansion? Some fans have talked about building a press box and possibly fan boxes. I would like to see 3K seats added.

Will the poles behind the stands and in the end zones preclude additional sideline seating and the consturction of endzone seating sections?

Anonymous said...

frank, did you recognize any of the players who were running wind sprints in the stadium on monday during your brief visit??

9169479 said...

God, I wish they'd throw some loudspeakers on those Musco towers; the current ones are an abomination.

Anonymous said...

im sure the players do alot of things that we dont notice unless your there for some other reason in order to notice

UMass74 said...

1. The new lights are at the corners of the stadium, I don't believe they would obstruct any renovations.

2. The players were running at 2:00 pm on a really humid day. They may have owed the teams some penalty drills. If that is the case, then we should leave them to their privacy.

Anonymous said...

No, im a player thats jus our grind to get back to the National Championship......Coach Brown expects us to be in if 89 or 100 degrees we will be out there running....dont forget we gotta go to Texas this year lol

UMass74 said...


That's great! My hat's off to you guys. That was a b*tch of a day to be running.

The UMass fans appreciate all the work you put in.

Anonymous said...

Add this fan appreciation to the work you do representing UMass.

Topsfieldfan said...

The lights look great and should do a great job of illuminating the field. More seats would be nice but let's fill the ones we've already got on a consistant basis. A new sound system is a must, the concessions need to be moved and a working videoboard would be icing on the cake. But for now, a tip of the hat to UMass on the lights!