Friday, November 28, 2008

Recruiting 2009--Jermaine McDay

A kind Blog reader initially us the link for this story about Jermaine McDay a 6-3 245 pd FB/LB from Keene, NH (just down the road from me).

McDay also made 2008 All-New Hampshire.

Also being recruited by Hofstra and Northeastern.

Image by Correy Perrine.


Anonymous said...

If Day is good why isn't UNH recruiting him?

Anonymous said...

QB should be one of the easiest positions to find a transfer from a IA (FBS) school who can come in and start right. We have plenty of inexperienced QB's. Most unlikely a high school QB can come in and start.

Anonymous said...

Yes, absolutely.

Anonymous said...

getting a IA QB transfer would give us another unexperienced QB. If he had experience he would not be transferring so in the end how does getting an inexperienced IA transfer (who has no understanding of our offensive system) help for next season??

Anonymous said...

Unless they get someone like Krohn again, a 2 yr starter in FBS. You just don't know if any transfers would have experience or not. It's not just players who don't play that transfer.

UMass74 said...

Jeff Krohn led the PAC-10 in passing and then lost his place after a new coach changed the offense.

Todd Bankhead (if I remember right) was not here for Spring Football, but came in as a JUCO QB and had no trouble picking up Whipple's high-octane offense.

A Junior transfer or JUCO pro-style QB should be able to learn our offense quickly.

Anonymous said...

Todd Bankhead came to UMass in January 1998 and was here for Spring Practice.

If a transfer QB does join the team, it's best to have him here for Spring Practice.

Anonymous said...

Krohn never lost his job at Arizona St. He left before spring practice ever started. He left because of the new offense and he didn't get along with the new coach.

Anonymous said...

frank, how about a new blog to solicit assessments re: strenghts and weaknesses of all 3 QB's on the roster who will becompeting for next year's starting job. right now one of the three 'S.W.' QB's are our only candidates to prevail as the starting QB to take over for Liam.

UMass74 said...

Oh yeah, lots of blog posts coming up before letter-of-intent-Day.

I plan to talk about what went right in the 2008 season. And what went wrong.

I'll do position assessments (including QB) and lots more.

Our next QB could indeed be already on the roster.

I try to space stuff out, so that I (and we) have something to talk about during the long wasteland of no football.

I'm sure when we discuss QB's, we'll hear a lot of impassioned arguments :) I figured I'd let it get a coup[e of weeks into the playoffs before I started the post mortem on the 2008 season.

Anonymous said...

Woodward will be a 5th year SR who should be given a shot. Each time he has played he has done the job. It takes more than a seris to get into a snyc. He knows the offense. He seems to be a firery kid when you watch him on the sideline. I would like to see him get a shot.