Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wednesday wanderings

The UMass Daily collegian has story about the drive for the playoffs at UMass .


New Hampshire tickets: I was at the UMass ticket office yesterday. They have UNH tickets available. As you know, the sight lines for the visiting stands are very poor. With the track around the field, all the visiting fans in the lower seats get to look at is the backs of the players.

I bought two tickets and received row 12, which is the highest row. I would advise anyone going to the game to get their tickets now while the higher rows are available.

UPDATE: A couple of readers have indicated in the comments that they were purchasing tickets as I suggested.

I should have made it clearer why I thought getting the tickets was a good idea. When I first went to the ticket office I was told the tickets were "General admission"---- so I was thinking I'd get there real early to grab a high row.

However, when the ticket guy came out with the tickets, he said "They're Reserved Seats. Is that OK?"

And I said "Oh yes!"


topsfieldfan said...

Thanks Frank, I took your advise and bought my ticket today, requesting a high row. I'm having my ticket mailed to me, rather than will-call to save the hassle of waiting in line. With 1 1/2 weeks till game day, I figure the mail will arrive in time.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing the same. Good idea.

Anonymous said...

Two years ago they had one half of the UMass side reserved and one general admission. Getting reserved ahead is the way to go.

If you have not been there before, there are often traffic backups of size and some of the parking might as well be in southern Maine. Do go early.