Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday-after-the-UNH-game articles

The Boston Globe said UNH routs UMass .

The Boston Herald phrased it differently: UNH clobbers UMass.

ESPN recaps the game .

The Portsmouth Herald said Parent and the seniors lead rout of UMass .

Foster's Daily Democrat said it was a memorable day for Parent .

The Concord Monitor says the Cats can run .

The Nashua Telegraph and the Union Leader have articles here and here .

The Springfield Republican called it embarrassing .

Matty Vautour said we got buried .


Under the misery-loves-company category: Delaware had three first downs against Richmond.

Uh-Oh. Hofstra beat Northeastern 42-14.



Anonymous said...

One more game, pride is on the line and the other Pride just smoked Northeastern...go figure that one out.

I bleed maroon no matter what. Summing up this season, we have some talented kids, but the loss of Hatchell and Walker at ILB hurt more than we think. Jennings did play well at times, but we did not have a dominating defensive lineman all year. This was the biggest defensive line we had, and we got smoked. Miles will be the mvp on defense, and the secondary played well for the amount of ground yards we gave up, setting up some pass plays.

Offense has had some issues, but they havn't been used to our defense giving up so many points, so I can't see to much wrong with the offense. Coen is banged up.

To sum it up, we are a few players short of where we have been the last two years. The loss of Ridenhour and Eason hurt in the spring. I also believe there is some internal issues with the players not getting along and some personality clashes, and it shows on the field. Believe me, I was on a UMass team that had a crappy record one year, but we had all the talent in the world. Kids did'nt get along and the captains made excuses and didn't lead. The captains were great players, but shouldn't have been captains if you know what I mean. . Anyhow, we had a drop off in talent the next year, but we all got along and won a title.

I'm sure Brown will clean house. We have a good core of guys coming back for next year. QB is a big question. Does he go with a Hawkins, who can run like a deer or stay with a pro-style qb?

It will be interesting to see who gets playing time against Hofstra.

Anonymous said...

Nice analysis by a former player. As far as the QB situation for next year; why was Coen still in the game with 2 minutes left and down by 31? Maybe there was discention and grumbling that went unnoticed that created negative chemistry! A lot of work to do.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the former posts. Very good analysis of the team. Matt Parent is precisely the kind of defensive player we missed this year; Hatchell and Walker are cut from the same cloth, and i wouldn't be at all surprised to find Parent on an NFL roster next season. He is very talented. Give UNH credit; the team lost the kernal of their offense last year and had a better team this season. Great coaching and management of personel.

Anonymous said...

If Coach Brown does any house cleaning does that include the coaching staff? There may be a "dud" or two among the group.

Anonymous said...

His coaching staff should be looked at but unfortunately it is not real common to make those type of changes at the FCS level with little alumni or administration pressure.

Anonymous said...

Well don't want to say I told you so-But look at my comments after Albany Game "It's gonna be a long season"

At work yesterday listening to Game had to shut it off and walk away after 100 yrd IT-to then turning it back on 5 minutes later to hear it was 24-0-OUCH

Coaching changes-yeah get rid of Brown

To the guy who called me stupid for wanting to see Warren Wilson play-Were you at the Spring Game when he made an unbelievable catch from Hawkins??-He played or(was on the BC )football team-Yeah BC who played on National TV the last 2 Sat nites in Prime Time-So if he's good enough to make their team-he sure as Hell is good enough for Umass

Hawkins running the Option and throwing to Wilson In 09!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, such ignorance. Your intelligence just shows everytime you talk about Wilson. The kid is no good, get over it.

Anonymous said...

If wilson was that good why did he leave BC? If he's so good why isn't he getting playing time for UMass? One good spring game doesn't make a starter. Get over it!! BC did and let him go.