Saturday, November 08, 2008

Game Day Maine

The Boston Herald says that UMass is out to cool off Maine .

The Springfield Republican states both UMass and Maine need a win .

Matty Vautour says UMass awaits Maine .


David Coulson is on vacation, but sent his weekly picks to CSN anyway .


The New Hampshire-Villanova game will be on at 3:30 pm.

Texas Tech will meet Oklahoma State in another prime time game @ 7:00 pm on ABC.


Did you know that High School football is big in British Columbia? No?

Perhaps it's the Canadian rules with the wider field and two-men-in-motion.

Then again, maybe it's the nearly naked cheerleaders .


It's supposed to be warm with showers in Amherst. Hopefully the rain will hold off until 3:00 PM.


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Anonymous said...

The improvement in the UMass defense can be found in the quality of teams they have played since Richmond. We'll see how they do when they go to New Hampshire!