Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

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Today is Veterans Day. Please remember the people who have served our country and are still serving today.

Congress recently passed a law allowing veterans and military personnel not in uniform to salute the flag, although I probably would not do it unless I was covered and had something visible, like a veteran's hat, to identify me.


Anonymous said...

As we look on the year in review the conference championship and our playoff hopes have evaporated. We barely beat Holy Cross 45-42 then we lost 3 conference games, James Madison, Richmond, Maine and have New Hampshire this coming weekend.

Aren't our players good enough or is there another reason and what are we going to do about it. There are more than a dozen seniors we are going to lose.

How many scholarships will we have next year and how many transfers will we need to come in and start immediately?

Anonymous said...

The returning team is promising. Brown has to become more vigilant about trying new players. There may be many more surprises. i think the QB should be alternated until a clear leader is established. The same would be true for the OL and TE, as well as LBs

Anonymous said...

Next year the QB job should be a good battle between Woodward and Wallace. It is hard to get a read on either as both have experienced rather abbreviated game appearances this year. Whipple does not appear to have the arm strenght or athleticism to compete with the other 2 QB's. All things being somewhat equal, I think going with Wallace would make more sense since he would have 3 years to play and gain valuable experience for his final 2 years.