Wednesday, November 26, 2008

News November 26, 2008

Mostly FCS playfoffs news on the web.

No TV for the New Hampshire-SIU game .

Maine gets UNI in the dome . No TV for that game either.

ESPNU will air probably the worst matchup in the first round: Appalachian State against South Carolina State.

2008 FCS bracket here .


The Miami Dolphins lost one of their top receivers to a knee injury. That may open the door for Brandon London to crack the starting lineup.

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CAA Standings said...

The last game, against Hofstra, had a reported attendance of 5,108. Does that seem high to anyone?

After reading about the 16K-seat UNI dome I wonder how many MORE people would have attended our game against Hofstra if we had a dome and buses from the dorms to the stadium? With a better facility and a few thousand more seats the athletic department could generate more revenue and create a more enjoyable atmosphere for the fans.

It doesn't seem likely or desirable for us to join a FBS conference so the question is what do we have to do to be more successful (at the FCS) in recruiting athletes against the other schools in the CAA? A lot of our strength in the past has come from players transferring from FBS schools which is becoming harder.

We are going to have to upgrade our facilities so that we are more attractive to high school students. What can we realistically do?