Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Recruiting 2008 ---RB Cedric Gonnet

During one of Coach Brown's radio shows, he was asked if there had been any impressive players on the scout team.

One of the players he cited was Cedric Gonnet, a 5-9 180 pd Freshman RB from Passaic, NJ.

Gonnet was Group IV first team All-South Jersey.

Welcome to the Minutemen, Cedric! May you have a great career with UMass.


Anonymous said...

What freshmen came in and started immediately?

Anonymous said...

#20 Korrey Davis from Lynchburg, VA

Anonymous said...

Korrey didn't start, but did get some playing time backing up Tony Nelson. Didn't Vladimir Ducasse come in and start as a freshman?

We are going to have some major DL holes to fill next year.

Anonymous said...

I assumed he meant the FR RB that actually played. No he didn't start.

There is one starter graduating on the DL, as will his backup. Neither are anything special. How is that major DL holes?

Anonymous said...

There may only be one graduating D-Lineman but unfortunately the group has been outmanned by nearly every team with a winning record this year. As a unit they have had little success stopping the run and even less success getting to the quarterback.

Anonymous said...

That wouldn't be holes to fill.

Anonymous said...

True it is not holes. However I agree with the statement above. When you look at the performance of all the positions I would agree that the D-Line has been the most disappointing especially when you consider the amount of playing time this group came into the season with versus previous years. While the average size and weight room strength of this group has apparently gone up it has not translated to success on the field. We also lacked the end who could put consistent pressure on the quarterback. Throw away the Rhode Island game and our sacks by interior linemen are pathetic. Also worth noting is that two of our poorest performing areas Special Teams and D-Line are coached by the same individual. If nothing else maybe that coach should only have one area of focus for now.

Anonymous said...

No loss on the DL--the one Sr was either out of position or knocked 3-5 yards back almost every play last week. I thought DL were supposed to tie-up O-line so the Lbs could make tackles--not the Dbs...This year's d doesn't look like any UMass D I've seen at UMass, (even during the Whipple years)...

Anonymous said...

how do you find the roster for the scout team?

UMass74 said...

I don't have a scout team roster. I was going from memory from Coach Brown's answer to a question on the radio show.

Current Roster said...

Coach Brown's October 28'th radio show "Who on scout team look like they can become impact players in the future?"

There are 20 FR, 14 RS FR, plus 16 RS-SO on today's roster.

In 2010 we will be losing 18 SR or RS-SR. 10 are starters who will need to be replaced.

My Notes from his response.

96 Pete Chiaro RS-FR 5-6 165 WR
He was on the Spring Roster. Not listed on today's on-line roster. Is he injured or has been dropped from the team? I don't think UM will ever have a TB this small.

48 Alan Williams FR 5-10 185 Framingham, Athlete, fast, can fly
(certainly by 10/28 we should have some idea where he is going to play. By now the on-line roster should have been updated).

78 Sean O'Conner FR 6-7 295
73 Gilbert Parson FR 6-5 325
62 Brandon Flanigan RS-SO 6-2 300 - transfer from Buffalo
70 Kevin Macon RS-SO 6-6 315
Are all 4 going to start?

34 Kumar Davis FR 6-0 220 (will he be moved to LB next year?)
C.J. Burnley FR 6-1 185 California

53 D.J. Adeoba FR 6-0 215 real solid upside

91 Courney Jackson RS-FR 6-2 235

current roster said...

Typo - -

In 2009 we will be losing ...

I wrote ....
In 2010 we will be losing 18 SR or RS-SR. 10 are starters who will need to be replaced.