Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday-before-the-Maine-game articles

Liam Coen won this week's New England Gold Helmet Award. Saturday is also Liam's 23 rd birthday.

Maine is looking to snap a six game loosing streak to UMass .

The Black Bear's DE 6-2 228 pd DE Jovan Belcher is on the Buchanan Watch list .

David Coulson looks at the FCS playoff picture .

New Hampshire-Villanova is the biggest game of the week for the CAA .


The Texas Tech-Texas game was the highest rated football game this year and ABC's fifth -highest regular season game in history.

Kansas State, UMass' 2009 FBS opponent fired their coach yesterday .

If you are planning to go the K-State game next year, as I am, UMass will play the Cats on September 5th .

This has been your Big 12 news for the day.



Anonymous said...

Last year New Hampshire lost 4 the record was 7-4 why did they get a playoff spot?

Anonymous said...

I believe the issue with UNH was that nobody else in FCS had 8 Division I wins except ineligible teams and teams from the non-schollie conferences. We may see more 4 loss participants when the playoffs expand.

Anonymous said...

And so the playoffs really begin this saturday!

Anonymous said...

UMass will win big against Maine.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they better put a body or two on Belcher-Coblyn better be up for the challenge
See you all Saturday

Anonymous said...

Umass should take Maine at home. It is the New Hampshire Game that will decide if we go to the "Big Dance".