Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Morning Mulling

Matty Vautour says mistakes doom UMass in painful defeat .

Lost in the defeat were a number of UMass records. Courtney Robinson set the All-Time UMass return yardage record.

Tony Nelson went over the 1,000 yard mark rushing.

Victor Cruz went over 1,000 yards receiving. The UMass season stats page for everybody is here.

Also lost for season is Senior Brian Ellis, who broke his leg against Maine.


All the FCS score from Saturday are here . The CAA site has a review of all the league games here .

Keepers FCS power rankings are here . His predictions page is here (he has UMass by 10+ over Hofstra).

The week# 12 Bracketology page is here .


I'll be back this evening with a Web album from the New Hampshire game.


Anonymous said...

In the "ask the coach brown" form on Umass, I asked a
tough 3 part question that probably won't get aired.
1. Why was Coen in with 2 minutes left and down 31 with a "sore arm"?
2. The O line committed many false starts (2 back to back) saturday which is crazy on the 11th game.
3. I questioned the team's physical toughness this yr along with heart and desire and asked for coach Brown's thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I doubt he will answer your questions.

I have a couple of questions about our defensive backfield and freshmen. Who do we have starting or getting most of the minutes in place of Ellis and Smalls?

Which freshmen have used up their first year of eligibility and which will be getting a redshirt year?

Anonymous said...

Coach Brown mentioned that UMass got off to a slow start. I think he forgot to mention the slow finish as well. Coach Brown also refered to all the mistakes UMass made as being tough to overcome. Do you think that the 6 plays over 30 yards the defense gave up had anything to do with their difficulties?

Anonymous said...

coach brown's post game comments each week are beginning to sound repetitive...dug a hole early...tough to overcome....guys played hard....need to focus on preparing for next game, which by the way is always against a 'very good team'!! seems like everyone we played this year is a very good team, at least compared to ours!

Anonymous said...

I think part of the problem was several of the O line staters missed a lot of practice and it seemed almost weekly. As a result, in the games these guys always looked dogged in the second half. They seemed to want out by the middle of the third quarter. In the tough games this year they just folded! I think they claimed more injuries than they really had to avoid practice because they always seemed to be ok come game day! I attended nine practices this year over the first seven weeks and only saw Cobyln and Getek practice on two days. How can the O line coach expect them to perform if they aren't in shape? Others told me this continued up to the last year and this is the the end of the season. If they were injured most of the season them the o line coach should have developed some of the understudies earily on. I think this year's team underperformed. I felt they had much more talent than showed in games.

Anonymous said...

Geez. The OLine is the last area of concern on this team. They have been great all year.

Anonymous said...

agreed O-line will be strong next year, good kids, will step up next season, look out for Brian Ostaszewski to take over a starting role

Anonymous said...

LT - Ducasse, Sr
LG - Samuda, So
C - Ihne, Jr
LG - Getek, Sr
LT - Ostaszewski, So

Ostaszewski only one that doesn't start now. Has two starts on the season I believe, and we don't lose much of anything when he's in.

Current Roster said...

We have 4 true freshmen offensive linemen this year who will be redshirt freshmen next year. They looked like a pretty good group when we signed them. I wouldn't be surprised to see one of them start next year.
73 Gilbert Parson 6-5 325
74 Stephane Milhim 6-4 325
78 Sean O'Connor 6-7 295
58 Quinton Sales 6-3 280 scout 2**

Anonymous said...

2009 Preliminary OL
LT - 72 Ducasse, Sr 6-4 310
LG - 50 Samuda, RS-So 6-3 300
OC - 61 Ihne, RS-Jr 6-5 275
RG - 71 Getek, RS-Sr 6-6 290
RT - 67 Ostaszewski, RS So 6-5 300

Next year TE 83 Ian Jorgensen 6-5 270 will have graduated and we will be weak at TE. Move Getek back to TE. It looks we we have some depth along the OL.

Anonymous said...

I like moving Getek to TE. Good idea. Also, pretty reasonable guesses here. QB is up in the air, although I believe Woodward will be the heir to Coen. Whipple or Wallace may be i the mix. I think that Hawkins offers real possibility to a dual-threat offense, depending on who it we play. I say Whipple and Hawkins will emerge as eventual players.

If Mark Whipple is offered a coaching job in the FCS, which has been rumored among some top programs, do you all think that Brown will go with him as his Coordinator?

Anonymous said...

last poster, just curious why do you think whipple will emerge as a player? where and when have you seen him in action to assess his potential?